Dear Ladies, Here is the Reason Why a Guy Suddenly Stops Showing Interest in You


As ladies, most times we come across guys that make us feel like the only girl in the world. They show a lot of interest, blowing hot, sending messages that will leave us blushing like idiots and giving compliments that will make our head swell.   But then after sometime, the attention suddenly vanishes; after all the warmth and love shown in the beginning to get our attention, what these guys do next is to go cold turkey – the calls, the messages and attention ceases.

If you are a lady and you have experienced this, there is no doubt that it is confusing, annoying and frustrating. And then, we start wondering what we must have done wrong; something really bad to piss the guy off. We rack our brain till we are tired and yet fail to come to a logical conclusion on why the guy that once showed interest in you suddenly backed off.

This makes his disappearance even more confusing. Sometimes, the guy may not completely withdraw from us, but we will definitely notice that he is not as open as he was before. He is not as sweet and intense as he was before. The one that hurts the most is that, he is not as dedicated and committed to making things work as he was before.

As a lady faced with this kind of experience, you have to have it at the back of your mind that most times, it is not even about you! Don’t raise your brows yet, I will tell you why. Most men seek for a lady’s attention just for the fun of it. Or out of boredom. I have a friend that does this often. Perhaps he gets bored at work, he roams the street of Facebook, looks for a fine girl, chats her up, and exchanges numbers with her and that kick starts their journey of incessant chats and calls. He might arrange a meet up but most times when he gets tired of the thrill, that is usually when the girl has given him her complete attention or when he has finally gone third base with her, he usually pulls out. His interest reduces till he finally ghosts the said girl.

Another reason why a guy who has showed so much interest in a lady withdraws his attention is usually because he lacks the patient to continue the chase. It is true that guys love the chase and most times they find it fascinating when a girl plays hard to get but once the girl starts overdoing it, they get tired and pull out. Most guys these days are careful not to be played. So, once you start playing too hard to get, they switch to the next available girl.

So, next time you are wondering why that dude who was hell bent on making things work between you both suddenly stops showing interest, it’s either because he was wooing you just for the fun of it or you were playing too hard to get and dude wasn’t patient enough.


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