Dear Auntie Dora– My husband raped and impregnated my sister, what should I do?


I am completely devastated. If only tears can fix me. My younger sister moved to my house from Warri where she was living with our parents. She was mobilised to do her NYSC in Abuja. As an elder sister, I took her into my home not minding the fact that my marriage is still new. I got married in February this year and we are still trying to get pregnant.

My sister and I are very close. So, when she moved in, I wasn’t bothered. She gave me the impression that she hates my husband. She never spoke to him when I was around. The longest words I have ever heard them exchange is “Good Morning”.

However, after her passing-out parade on Thursday she insisted on having a private conversation.  She started crying so hard and refused to be consoled. She said my husband raped her two weeks ago. I cried along and wondered why she didn’t tell me immediately. I took her to the hospital for thorough check-up only to discover that she was pregnant two weeks pregnant.

My husband said it was a mistake. He has apologised but a baby is underway. My sister wants an abortion. My fairytale marriage has been crushed.

Auntie Dora, the marriage is still new, I am confused. Should I leave my husband? What should I do to my sister? I am at the verge of suicide. Please help!!!



  1. Babe, this is trouble o. How come, omo if na me, I go leave the man for now and go and recuperate. Take heart. Dont kill a child sha. I like the fact that u refused to let your sister abort. Men no dey fit keep their ‘abuna’ for one place.

  2. Good men no longer exist. My sister take heart o. My advice for you is God’s help. My prayers are with you. Cut off your husband’s penis

  3. I’d leave d man…she has nothing to lose just yet and she better gets out before he cheats again when they have kids and all. She’s not obliged to work on the marriage…cuz there are no kids involved. The man obviously doesn’t love her for him to rape her sister. As for the pregnancy, its completely up to her sister to do what she wants. If I was raped I dunno if ill keep d baby. She she pray about it and ask God for guidance on what to do. Really sticky situation

  4. You must be foolish for keeping a matured sister with your Husband in a house privately. You should note that your sister is not his. moreover, he can marry her in your absent, apart from that you have not been pregnanted for long as you ‘ve said, meanwhile perhaps, your husband is in desperate need of a child. You should therefore thank God for getting such child from your blood sister otherwise you would have more painful than this. sorry for your mistake, please.

  5. Sad to read your story. But don’t lose heart. Adopt the child as your own and warn ypur husband against repeating such an act. May god give you strength.


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