For a graduate that is broke and unemployed, it takes a lot of work and discipline not to want to join the “Gee boys” a.k.a Yahoo boys.

The moment you finish the routine of four years in the University, you are faced with so much expectations from parents, siblings, uncles, aunties, village people, etc.

High hopes fall on you with minimal or zero aid from the society. People will tell you to make something of yourself but with what raw materials are you to make something of yourself? Your certificate? When you are living in a society where connections speak louder.

In Trevor Noah’s words,

“People love to say, “give a man fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime”. What they don’t say is, “And it would be nice if you gave him a fishing rod”. That’s the part of the analogy that’s missing”.

When faced with these expectations, fear of the unknown grips you. You want to be successful but what happens if you don’t get to that level where you want to see yourself?

You find yourself drowning in frustration. You avoid checking your bank account balance because doing so sometimes triggers blood pressure.

Your parents expect you to get a job and help out in training your younger siblings.

It’s even more frustrating when you see your mates swimming in riches, wearing gold jewelleries, using the latest iPhones, building mansions and driving the latest cars. It’s frustrating as fuck.

You get tired of sitting your butt at home; you get tired of being jobless; you literally get tired of everything.

Desperation sneaks in and in no time you are telling yourself, “Fuck what the society says about Yahoo boys. I’m gonna give this a try”. It’s either you get rich or you die trying.

With a steady internet connection, you sit in front of your laptop 24/7, strategizing and thinking about lies to be told to ensure maga must pay. You don’t mix business with pleasure or emotions. So once a maga becomes too tough or gets smart, you quickly move on to the next one. Afterall there are many fishes in the river.

But sometimes, you run out of tricks, ideas and strategies. And in an attempt to maintain your “big boy” status, you seek spiritual assistance from herbalists. But then, when the devil gives you a cap, he will take the cap back with your head. So you mortgage your life, destiny and sometimes turn your loved ones useless.

You might make it; swimming in riches and living the “Hushpuppi” life until your bad deeds catches up with you.  EFCC and SARS will certainly desend on you. In that moment, won’t you be filled with regrets?

Isn’t it better to soak yourself with patience and make money in a legit and enviable way? It’s not easy but certainly your hustle will pay off.


  1. Can you please tell me one legitimate job in Nigeria these days? Ask those yahoo boys, you think 80% of them are happy with what they are doing? This country is really killing. You people up there don’t know what people are facing. You go to higher institutions just to acquire knowledge and to be better in life, but at the end of the day, you couldn’t get a job. Fraudsters and armed robbery will not come to an end unless employments are being made available. I stop here.

  2. I was thinking this would make so much sense when, I just saw the title. for me i know fraud is evil, but tell me how many g boys have the so called efcc and SARS taken to court before. for me you just fell like writing the obvious nothing new.

    • Get a smart phone and subscribe, yahoo boys full everywhere, ask for vpn that is good and a dating site that you can start with…. Simple

  3. Why disturb dis young men with brains.Our politicians re loting our money. what is de difference between a yahoo boy n some governor’s?

  4. Get a smart phone and subscribe, yahoo boys full everywhere, ask for vpn that is good and a dating site that you can start with…. Simple

  5. Yahoo boys senerio ain’t a big deal at all, I don’t just know why you people don’t reason well and face the main problem. Our government is in jeopardy and you are there discussing yahoo boys when your president is not even functioning at all. You be big Mumu…!!!.thanks to yahoo yahoo if not, harmed robbers would have robbed your entire generation by now

  6. God help me
    Don’t let me fall in love with worldly things
    Because I see many are supporting bad thing
    Oh God of mercy help me content with the way I am than been a yahoo boy

  7. Comment: No Work For Nigeria::: Well as it stands Yahoo don make lazy Nigeria youth like me a lazy Nigeria Rich Youth. So to Hell with SARS whatever security they will bring out we d yahoo boy will spoil their mind with Dollars .

  8. I pity some Youths of Nigeria.. so with this benefiting advice from this writer, some people are still being determined to go into this destiny destroying venture.. It’s indeed well with some of our youths… Amen…

  9. talk about those government officials that steals our money and send abroad. you know they will get to you when you talk about them, in this bad society when you don’t have a work based on bad sosciety would you go on robbery or kidnapping or terrorising? those guys make jobs for themselves and it’s better than robbery, kidnapping and rituals. government are the once you should talk to and not yahoo boys. Caution and try to influence the corrupt government, yahoo guys get their money from greedy whites while our government takes what belongs to us.

  10. Comment:please help me tell efcc to stop tracking my movement oh,because n.a. lack of job after collage make me go gee plus. xo efcc fuck off come take Euro or dollar

  11. Comment: All of una wey dey against yahoo boys go die in a week time in Jesus name. so you want make youths continue as beggers. thunder fire una generations. una no see government to advice. like say I sabi any of una, I for dash one person otumorpo make him go sleep for grave. SARS brothers na yahoo boys, yet them no go allow youth survive. thunder fire sarz.

  12. Comment:hnnnnn dis life nawa o God wil help us…. Where will d person even start from self. Yahoo no yahoo face ur own business


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