Dealing with Nigerian F*ck-Boys; the Extraordinary Heartbreakers


We have been called different names; from Yoruba demons to Abuja bleep boys. But few words sum up who we are; we are extraordinary heartbreakers, a.k.a, F*ck-boys.

We are an epitome of gentlemen in our looks and charms. We sneak into your life as your prince charming, saying all the good words in the book just to intrigue you so much that you’d find yourself letting down your guards.

But do you know how many ladies that are on our lists? You wouldn’t. Our moves are smart and calculated.

We break your defences, pique your curiosity and give room for your emotions to get the best of you. We ooze with so much confidence which makes us irresistible that you can’t help but ask yourself, “Damn! What did I do to deserve a guy like this?”

The moment you give us your big “Yes”, we’d pop bottles as though we won a lottery. That’s when we know we have done a good job; our first stage perfectly executed but then you won’t notice the smirk on our face.

Swiftly, our behaviour changes which keeps you wondering if all the “romance” suddenly grew wings and disappeared into the thin air. You blame us for cancelling on dates but, how can we cancel when we don’t even remember making them. It’s like forgetting which girl we said what to or made plans with.

“I love you” are words that come naturally to us; it’s like a slang which definitely gets you feeling over the moon. But then, you forget you are just an Exhibit. There are other Exhibits A-Z who get to hear the same words.

Your phone will only buzz with our calls and messages when we are sending a booty call. Because, to us your body is our tool and playground. We don’t cuddle after out last thrust, we roll to the other side of the bed and sleep off.

We don’t waste time spilling the words, “it’s over” at any of your slightest mistakes. One minute it’s all fun until we intentionally get pissed off at your slightest misdeed.

We enjoy watching you feel so guilty and like the assholes we are, we ignore your apologies. We ignore you to build our ego; that’s where our worth lies after all.

And then, at the end we suck all the juice out of you, leave you emotionally drained with your heart shattered. We ditch you to rot.

You find solace in your cup of Coldstone  ice-cream and with a few taps on your phone keypad, your social media update changes to “Fuck all guys, they are all the same” using the hashtag #MenAreaScum#.

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