Day Don Jazzy embarrassed me –Zaaki Azzay


Popular rapper and on-air personality, Zakky Azzay, has opened up on how celebrated music producer, Don Jazzy, once embarrassed him publicly. He also speaks about his career and life experiences.
Many of your fans have been complaining over your absence in terms of recordings and performances, what is the problem?
I have been busy musically, with performances both within and outside the country. And that has not given me enough space to concentrate on recording new songs. I know that is not right but if you come across anything that brings money, you should go for the money first.
What can you say about your marriage life?
Marriage cautions you in a lot of ways. It makes you more responsible. You cannot do most of the things you did when you were single, because you would have to think of the children’s school fees, your wife’s welfare and a host of other issues. When you are married, you start thinking like a man.
What is the significance of your torchlight?
It signifies a covenant I made with God when I began my musical career – that I will constantly and permanently acknowledge him in all my ways, if he should make me famous and rich.
Apart from music, what else do you do?
I have a TV programme called, True Nigerians, which features past presidents, governors, senators and other related personalities. It runs on AIT International, Africa Magic and NTA among others.
What is the craziest thing a female fan has ever done to you?
Hmmm… it was crazy. A girl pumped up a condom, packaged it like a gift, wrote an invitation on it and sent it to me with her nude picture.
What was your most embarrassing moment?
It was some years back when I met Don Jazzy. We had been friends before he became big and famous, and after some years I saw him and, as an old friend, I hailed him. The way he responded was so cold and it happened in the public. I felt so embarrassed because people were watching us. Anyway, we have since talked over it.
What is new with you?
I am very worried about the northern part of Nigeria in terms of music, especially now that Dan Maraya Jos has passed on. I am really considering not recording songs in English, even though I have already written so many numbers in that language. So, by the time I finish releasing the ones that I have already written, I might not be encouraged to write new ones but just to concentrate more on the new brand of music I want to introduce, which is Hausa. You know, I started with traditional hip hop and now we have the likes of Ill-Bliss and Phyno doing the Igbo music just as Olamide is doing the Yoruba style. So, I am disappointed that the up-coming Northern artistes are not doing the things that Olamide, Phyno and the rest are doing. Therefore, I feel that I would just have to go back and do it myself.
Which of your songs is your favourite?
I like all my songs. But the one that I would consider most outstanding is the song I did on women empowerment. That is because I love my mother so much, as she contributed so much to what I am today, from a very tender age down the line. The song is ‘RespectWomen’.

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