Dating alone

There is a new norm in Nigeria which is typical of an evolving society. This norm is the total independence of women and men of the traditional marriage and family structure.

We now have unique families which include single-parent homes. It’s no more an abomination for a woman to leave a marriage which she has no interests in, to seek happiness on her own.

Families are now raised by lone parents who do a fantastic job of giving their children what they need and the upbringing they deserve.

Co-parenthood is also employed these days where a man and a woman do not necessarily need to be married to care for their children.

The crux of this article is to buttress on the sexual and companionship needs that may arise in the lives of these lone parents.

It is also imperative to note that some of these lone parents may desire to have relationships or even another marriage as they go along with life.

With the uniqueness of their situations, single parents must realize that they come as a package and should as a result of this, date men and women who view them as one.

No one should divorce a single parent from his or her kids. Most importantly, kids who are under the age of 21. These kids need attention and guidance from their parents and should be chaperoned by them.

If a love interest sees it as a Herculean task to embrace the children of their potential partners with love and inclusion, the onus lies on the single parent to re-evaluate things and put into perspective, what matters most.

No family unit should be pawned for a relationship that more than likely will head for the rocks in no distant time.

Single parents need partners with a big heart which might be a tall order but very achievable. Likewise, single parents should be accommodating of potential partners as an encouragement to help them to fit into their uniqueness.

Patience is needed for any endeavour that will yield gains at the end so lone parents should be more circumspect.

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