Cynthia Morgan insults Burna Boy

Simanitiya, the latest music video of I’m Taken singer, Cynthia Morgan, is one that just might get her in trouble with her male colleague, Burna Boy, who played the role of her lover boy in the video.


Prior to the video’s release, the two of them had released suggestive pictures which made it seem like they were dating.

The video’s arrival however made it clear that their recent closeness is due to the fact that they were starring in the same video.

And being that they are both stars, the normal thing is that both their names should be in the video’s credits.


Shockingly, though, Burna Boy’s name isn’t on the video, and this omission, or more likely, commission, is one that might just sour whatever relationship he and Morgan has, as it’s nothing but a professional insult that he wasn’t credited.

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