Congrats: Pres. Buhari’s official photographer, Bayo Omoboriowo, weds – so who took these PHOTOS?


When the story is told about how the perception of Muhammadu Buhari was changed from that of a stoic, severe, unapproachable and seemingly unelectable leader into the loved, admired, interesting character who defeated an incumbent president in 2015, Bayo Omoboriowo’s iconic photos will have a place.

On Saturday, Omoboriowo who continues to be the president’s official photographer, walked down the aisle with his lovely bride, Lola.

Big congrats to him.




Quick question: Pres. Buhari is travelling again to Benin Republic? Will Omoboriowo tag along or will he be on his honeymoon, bearing in mind that he was in Cameroun with the president this week, when he should have been preparing for the big day.

Anyway, here are photos from the wedding. Thanks to ‘Wedding in Nigeria IG Page’ and Lola Shoneyin, who wrote the stories that Omoboriowo’s lenses told during the election campaign season.

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