Institute of Human Virology Nigeria

Completed Campus In Abuja With Twin Towers Costs N8 Billion

Institute of Human Virology Nigeria Campus In Abuja cost 8 billion

The Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) has finished construction on its N8 billion twin tower, which will help it reach millions of Nigerians with high-quality healthcare.

The seven-story structure in Abuja consists of office space that may be leased, clinical laboratories for training, research, and diagnosis, functioning clinic space for patient care, and bio-specimen repositories for managing and storing bio-specimens.

Multimedia lecture auditoriums, meeting spaces, a mini-conference room, offices, and a multi-level parking lot are all included in the first phase.

Dr. Charles Olalekan Mensah, chief operating officer of the IHVN, revealed this to The Guardian and stated that when funds are available, work would start on the second phase, which includes building a conference center and hotel.

He stated: “We are still fund-raising for the next phases and seeking support from high-net-worth individuals, companies, foundations and financial institutions”

Mensah claimed that Nigeria’s fundamental issue is a lack of a maintenance-oriented culture. He added that the institute places a high priority on maintenance and that funds for upkeep of the facilities will be obtained through leases.

“We won’t use revenue from leases for capital development, but only for maintenance to ensure that the buildings and facilities function at maximum capacity. We embarked on this project to facilitate research activities that bridge international and Nigerian researchers to promote public/private partnerships, as well as ensure quality health services, capacity building and research in West Africa,” he said.

Mensah revealed that the construction project started in 2017 following a N5 billion fundraising dinner in Lagos organized by Prof. Emeritus Umaru Shehu and the institute’s management, who dreamed of a campus to house office spaces, laboratories, and training centers. The dinner was supported by Access Bank Plc and the Dangote Foundation.

He explained that the decision to hire Lubell Nigeria Limited, a local construction company, to handle the project was deliberate and strategic since the IHVN board believed that a local firm would highlight Nigerian engineers’ engineering prowess, generate jobs, and contribute to the economic development of the nation.

He claims that the initiative was created with the goal of fostering both domestic and international collaborations, with a focus on safety and security, particularly fire prevention and fighting. The towers have sprinkler systems, water hoses, live-streaming security cameras, and fire extinguishers.

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