Comparing your children to other kids can lead them into depression – Reno Omokri

Pastor at Mind of Christ Christian Centre, Reno Omokri has asked parents to desist from comparing their children to other kids, stressing that such comparison can lead children into depression.

Omokri, a former aide to immediate past President, Goodluck Jonathan, made the remark on his official Facebook page.

He wrote “Dear parents, Never compare your children to other kids. ‘Look at your mate’ has led so many children to depression, crime, and other desperate actions. And besides, your own mates are doing far better than you. You yourself are not the best example!

“Last year, some parents were doing ‘see your mate’ to their children, comparing them to Hushpupi. That is how they would have pushed their children to crime”.

He added that “See your mate is what made Cain kill his own brother”.

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