I was overtaken by pity as I listened to a mother explain what she thought the cause of her child’s problem was….It’s cold,she said.Cold must have caused this pneumonia…He slept with the fan turned on. I warned my house help not to lay him on the bare floor!

If my training wasn’t sound,believe me she would have convinced me.The confidence in her eyes,her gestures and all only reminded me of how deep the claws of ignorance has dug into the fabric of our existence,preventing us from getting the upmost benefit of the science of medical practice..
Her story is not different from that of most of us who have different mind blocking traditional thoughts of what the causes of our medical issues are.This doesn’t only misinform us,it also prevents us from taking the first step of seeking medical help; Acceptance…
Accepting the fact that we have a problem that we don’t know much about and seeing the urgent need to seek the attention of a MEDICAL DOCTOR!
Little wonder why our tertiary institutions of medical care are always flooded with patients in the end-stage of their disease process.Their ignorance or should I say their traditional belief system being the sole factor that must have tricked them into such debilitating state..
Below are some of the common medical misconceptions that have ravaged us….

here in Nigeria..That;

1. Cold causes pneumonia
2. You can treat schizophrenia generally called “madness” by the lay populace by flogging a patient mercilessly.
3.Malaria causes typhoid or that both co-exist together…”Malaria and typhoid” being the easiest burden handed to a patient when they visit a laboratory.
4.Delivery through a Caesarean section (C/S) makes one less of a woman or not a complete woman…
5. That a mixture of tomatoes and Fanta gives blood and can be used in the correction of anaemia..
6. The pouring raw egg,crude oil,or Gentian violet (GV)on a burns patients is the best help one can offer…
7. Elephantiasis comes from stepping on “juju”…
8. Putting a concoction of onion,palm oil,garlic etc in the eye of a seizure(epilepsy) patient helps in treating the seizure…and bringing the person back..
9.A diabetic patient should only eat unripe plantain,beans,and wheat..
 10.Drinking “stout” helps in treating malaria
1.Pneumonia is caused by micro organisms invading your Lungs causing an inflammation. NOT by cold.
2.Schizophrenia(generally called “madness”) is a mental disorder treatment is by using drugs(pharmacotherapy) and psychotherapy,amongst others. It is NEVER by FLOGGING..
3.Malaria and Enteric fever “typhoid”are two different entities…caused by two different pathogens and treated differently…They don’t have to go hand in hand.. Nevertheless ,Enteric Fever “typhoid” is yet to make the list of common clinical diagnosis made in our hospitals here in Nigeria. It is not common in our environment.I don’t know where the laboratories manufacture them from…
4.There are a lot of reasons for going through a caesarean section many for which vaginal birth CAN’T be POSSIBLE…
Ignorantly pushing  for a vaginal birth against medical advice could actually be disastrous and its complications could actually make you less of a woman..
5.A mixture of tomatoes and Fanta DOESN’T give any blood…only blood and blood products can be used in the correction of anaemia aside finding and treating the cause.Iron containing foods are helpful too..
6.When your see a burns patient place the affected part under running tap water for five minutes or put in clean water for five minutes.Egg,crude oil,and GV does more harm and NO good…
7.Elephantiasis is caused by a group of worms (filarial worms) blocking the lymphatic channel of the leg..It is NOT caused by stepping on “juju”. Please seek medical help!!
8. There are different treatment modalities for epilepsy according to cause.The use of drugs,electric convulsive therapy,surgical interventions amongst others. Use of concoctions could cause  more harm than good..
9.A diabetic,regular on his or her right medications,exercising and all can eat the normal staple food found in our environment but in the right proportion..Their diet is not restricted to wheat,unripe plantain and beans rather junks and refined sugar as found in “soft drinks “should be avoided …
10.Malaria is treated by the use of drugs;Artemisinin Combination Therapy. This drug is not found in “stout”..Drinking stout doesn’t help in treating malaria.STOP IT!
The #infoMed above has been shortened/abridged for the sake of the  comprehension of the masses…for further info reach us..


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