Clinton Runaway Favourite Despite ‘Damn Emails’


Unsurprisingly, none of Hillary Clinton’s rivals could lay a glove on her polished performance in the debate, writes Greg Milam.

Hillary Clinton has been miles out in front in her party’s race for the White House since it began.

Anyone expecting her campaign to implode will have to keep waiting.

The first debate amongst the Democrats in the 2016 race passed without incident for the former first lady and secretary of state.

Avoiding gaffes, staking out her policy positions and looking the serious player that she is had been the order of the evening.

None of the other four candidates – including the man who has been chipping away at her poll lead – could lay a glove on the polished Clinton performance.

Bernie Sanders, the veteran Democratic socialist, even passed up a chance to cash in on the controversy about her server arrangements, saying he and the American people were sick of hearing about her “damn emails”.


In turn, Mrs Clinton once again tried to co-opt some of Mr Sanders’ territory, echoing his concerns about economic inequality in American society.

The 74-year-old independent from Vermont has been attracting huge crowds with his message of higher taxes on the rich, breaking up the banks and free healthcare and higher education.

The other three on the stage struggled for air time – much to their annoyance at times.

Former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, a former Vietnam war hero and senator from Virginia, and Lincoln Chafee, another ex-governor, have barely registered in the polls.

For all the scandals over her email server, foreign donations to the Clinton Foundation, her reaction to the killing of four Americans at the US Consulate in Benghazi, she remains runaway favourite.

Clinton - Bernie

As Donald Trump sat tweeting about it all in his Manhattan penthouse, Mrs Clinton railed at the Republicans for what she sees as hypocrisy over “big government”. She was passionate too in calling for reforms to America’s gun laws.

Ahead of the debate a memo emerged, written by Barack Obama’s team in 2008, detailing how to beat Mrs Clinton. It accused her of being “driven by politics, not conviction” and questioned her character.

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