Security Guard Hangs Self at Ekiti State Secretariat


A 49-year-old man, Abolarinwa Olaoye, who worked at the Ekiti State Civil Service, has hanged himself on a suicide rope within the state Secretariat in Ado Ekiti.

The body of the father-of-five, who was a night guard at the Ekiti State Scholarship Board, was found hanging early Wednesday with a clothing material to the railing of a building at the Ministry of Education where he had reported for duty.

Civil servants clustered around the spot of the incident and lamented the horrible twist of event for the man they described as jovial and amiable while alive.

The deceased’s sister-in-law, Mrs Elizabeth Babalola, said Olaoye, a native of Igogo Ekiti, Moba Local Government area of the state, came to her around 4.30pm on Tuesday and lamented the acute financial problems he had been encountering of recent.

“I tried to persuade him not to resort to anything nasty. I told him life is full of ups and downs and that he should just endure, but I never knew he would end this way,” she added.

The Executive Secretary of the Ekiti State Scholarship Board, Ayo Ajimat, confirmed that the deceased was a member of staff of the board before his demise.

As at the time of filing this report, it could not be ascertained if the body of the man which was hanging on his suicide rope, has been evacuated, as some policemen from the police station located at the Old Iyin Road with jurisdiction over the area where the incident happened, came to the scene.


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