Christmas: Enforce ban on fireworks

Christmas comes once in a year, Christ being regarded as Messiah or saviour of the world. But the way some young boys, girls and elderly persons celebrate Christmas leaves much to be desired.
For instance, in various places, some young boys and girls usually converge on different locations, exploding fireworks into the air.

As past experiences have shown, these inflammable materials are capable of doing considerable damage to residential buildings, shops and the property in them.
Thieves can use the occasion as an opportunity to steal whatever they can lay their hands on from houses or shops. They can set property on fire or forcibly dispossess people of valuable things like money, wristwatches, trinkets, necklaces, handsets and others.

It is unlawful for anyone to waylay or hinder other people’s movements or disturb their peace. As a prelude to the celebration, therefore, certain precautions need to be taken. Although the police often make an order prohibiting the use of dangerous things at Christmas, there is little evidence to show that this order is carried out. Children and wards of the law enforcement agencies often break the order at will, as the practice often goes on unabated in their various barracks.

Now, some young people are busy buying and keeping the materials in readiness for the Christmas and New Year celebrations. As preservation of lives and property is important to the police, what I feel police officers should do is to monitor the activities of youths and put them in check. On the part of the Federal Government, it should ban the importation of fireworks in any form into the country.
This will be necessary because if there is no means of procuring the materials, there will be no opportunity for anyone to possess, let alone make use of them.
Doing this in turn will make Christmas and New Year celebrations interesting and pleasurable for all.

Ola-Olaniyi Bamgbola,
Ibadan, Oyo state


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