Video Of One Legged Man Seen Washing A Car While Balancing On A Stick

Handicapped Man with only One Leg Seriously doing his hard labour work Washing Cars. One legged man seen in video above washing a car...

Video: Hundreds of Boko Haram terrorists openly celebrate Sallah in Sambisa Forest

Boko Haram members and their families openly gathered in an open field (Sambisa Forest) to celebrate Sallah, last Thursday. They filmed the whole thing...

The Power of Sports: A story of Hannah Babalola

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(Video) Topless Women Disrupt Muslim Conference

Two women who bumped half-naked into a Muslim conference taking place in Pontoise northwest of Paris over the weekend have been dragged and thrown out...

Video – Ghanaian Lady Allegedly Commits Suicide After Finding Out Husband Was Sleeping With...

Yesterday evening my mum forwarded the picture and video which was trending on WhatsApp, of this lady pictured above who allegedly committed suicide in...

VIDEO: National Assembly Crisis: What President Buhari Said During APC Meeting In Abuja

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