Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Feasting on Ndaba’s Life-changing Poetic Goodies

Sweet Vibrations In The Air  let the plot thicken in quest for their centres she was looking for her heart, low and high he had just...

Stand for the Truth…No matter who tells It.

We stand for the truth, no matter who tells it. The truth be told, let all men hear it O hear this gong; the call to...

In Death…..

In death you find Life.. After birth is when you start to die With good health you'd think you've found rest But after life's numerous tests start...

The Hawk and The Snake..

From above the hawk watches below, Sees what transpires under shades;how the snake swallows preys... Without pity,mercy nor shame. How the viper injects venom to some vein...sending...

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