Of all his triumphs as a British Prime Minister from 2010 until penultimate week, which included his portrayal as one of ‘the best economically and socially liberal Prime Minister of Britain’, David Cameron only feels elated for smuggling the rancorous Gay Marriage bill through the rigorous paths of his country’s Democracy, down the throats of his people.

He worked for the enthronement of gay marriage in Queen Elizabeth’s kingdom, on the accounts of equal rights and justice to humanity. He campaigned for it with the paraphernalia of offices and powers as entrusted under his care and purview. He scaled mountains in pursuit of same sex laws. He crawled through the valleys of death in the interest of gay marriage, and eventually got it entrenched in the soil he was born discerning, and lived as so.

What more would he want in power? What more would Cameron want from governance? He has achieved his principal goal in politics. A deal he climbed through the back of democracy, rode on it, until he landed his people in a misnomer. And he is confident this cannot be undone or repealed by any other after him.

For the records, same sex marriage was never a part of British culture. It has never been part of the natural design for man or woman by the Supreme Being. It was never an ancestral run-through nor a modern day event. But it has come to stay in the UK. Courtesy of a democratically celebrated ‘Forbes one of the most powerful leaders’ in the world, David Cameron.

But Cameron threaded an ignominious path, and even nearly got some African leaders buy into the obnoxious package, laced with lies, deceit and every other evil machinations. Thank God for the strength of Africa, the land of good and many times, no bad. A place where taboos are outlawed and disowned. A clime where calamities are scorned, and then, thrown into abyss, where it rightly belongs to. A land where the fear of God (the Sodom and Gomorra demolition in view), is the beginning of wisdom.

One cannot but laud former President GoodLuck Jonathan in this concern. One cannot but extol the former Senate President, Sen. David Mark in this occurrence too. Both former leaders were unmoved in the face of the then pervading rush by the UK and their cohorts to get Africa receive ‘obscenity’ as a way of life; but instead, the two Nigerian Leaders looked evil in the face, and then, called it by its real name ( And outlawed the menace).

Africa is a terrestrial valley of ability. It is a place God himself particularly fashioned for the safeguarding of virtues, not vices. To detest evil and cast it -off. We are a ‘chosen generation’, where the willpower of God is held closely to our chests without fear or favor. In Africa, we don’t fear ‘the arrows by night or the pestilence by the day.’ But we believe in the supremacy of The General Commander of all things, who has rightly instructed men to take women as wives (when he said go into the earth and multiply). And not man for man, and woman for woman as legalized by Cameron.

While many people will not feel aghast seeing Cameron’s children –Nancy, Elwen and Florence marry their gender as husbands in demonstration of their father’s most cherished legacy, many lovers of Britain across the world would not hesitate to welcome the new Prime Minister of Britain, Mrs. Theresa May, Daughter of a clergy and vicar. The woman leader who has taken after the first female Prime Minister of Britain, late and dogged Iron Lady of the whole world, Mrs. Margaret Thatcher (of the blessed memory).

May must learn through the lens and length of time, the yawning and aspirations of her people, the British people. She must discern the powers vested in the office she holds, as whatever she does from today, will have a more reaching effect than when she was a Home secretary. She must recognize the world already look up to her as one the most influential leaders on earth, whose footsteps from henceforth will determine and change the fortunes of many or deface it.

She must learn many British citizens and lovers of the rightness of right things all over the world look forth to seeing a New Britain. They look forth to seeing a woman leader with a lion heart to lead Britain through this defining moment of its existence. They look forth to seeing BREXIT translate to BREXIT and not pains and difficulties.

The challenges of building a new front and self-reliance can be daunting no doubt, but only a leader of strength and vigor can navigate through same. The task of undoing evil too can be tasking, but only a courageous, strong hearted leader can do same. She must not waver in her love for her country’s men and women, but thread the path of honor and greatness. Welcome on board Mrs. May, Good-bye to a gay champion.

Gwiyi Solomon writes From Abuja.

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