Calabar-Itu, Calabar-Ikom-Ogoja Road Is A National Disgrace!


The deplorable state of federal roads in Cross River State is a national disgrace, a shame and an embarrassment. The lack of federal presence in Cross River State makes me weep. There is no part of Cross River State that you can boast of a good federal road. The Calabar- Ikom-Ogoja-Katsina-Ala road is in a terrible condition. The Calabar-Itu road is a serious nightmare.

Over the last couple of days, commuters have spent several hours on the road for a journey that is about 45 minutes to Uyo due to the impassable nature of our roads. It is heartbreaking that recently commuters had to contribute 150,000 in order to remove a fallen truck that blocked the road. A federal road. A road that is meant to attract development to the people of Cross River State and other neighboring states in the country.
Due to the bad nature of the roads, development in the state is slow, innocent people are killed daily, and the economy is suffering great set back. It is time we begin to think more about the state of our roads. The time has come for all stakeholders in Cross River State and sister Akwa Ibom State to come together in order for the Calabar-Itu road to receive massive repairs or reconstruction.
Travelling to Cross River State is a serious nightmare due to the poor state of the roads. Travelling for hours and most times sleeping on the road due to the bad nature of the road is something that the Federal government must rise up immediately and tackle.
It is  hellish to travel to Cross River State during the wet season due to the bad roads. Cars get stuck in mud. Trucks fall across the road. Travellers get to trek endlessly and most times have to ply motorcycles in order to get to their destinations. Not only that, the traffic is usually unbearable along the Calabar-Itu, Calabar-Ikom-Ogoja road due to the impassable state of the roads.
The government must rise up to this challenge and immediately fix these roads. The people of Nigeria believe in the change agenda of President Buhari and he has to leave a legacy as a President who brought good infrastructure to Cross River State. He has to provide a good road network for the people of Cross River State. The Cross River people are suffering. The economy is downsizing daily due to the poor road infrastructure in the state.
The government should begin to focus more on doing business with other states. This can not be achieved with the poor road network we have today. Our Federal highways should be repaired to promote connectography among states. Communication, health, commerce and other infrastructure that help the advancement and developmement of a region. Without a good road network for the people, development can hardly be seen or felt as the economy is bound to suffer severe set back.
The representatives of the people of Cross River at the National Assembly must champion for the repairs of the Calabar-Ogoja-Ikom Federal road, while they also join their voices with their Akwa Ibom counterparts in making sure that the Calabar-Itu road is rehabilitated.
The Minister of Works, Barr. Babatunde Fashola must rise up to the plight of the Cross River people and see to the fact that the road is fixed and timely too.
The pain and hardship experienced by the good people of Cross River State must stop. The slow economy activities must stop. The embarrassment and  pain experienced over the years is too much.
Prince Thomas Abi Jr.

Is a Public Affairs Analyst/Social Commentator‎


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