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SOME ladies would think it’s not possible to build a relationship without dating a man. I tell you today that its 100% possible. So how do you build a relationship when you’re not dating him? The answer: With the help of technology, of course! The mobile phone.

You need to learn about how to make men actually want to call you more and how to make him miss you over the phone so much that he can’t help but ask you out more often.

Think about all the relationships you’ve had with men in the past. How many of them were improved with the phone calls you shared with each other? How many of them actually got worse when you talked over the phone?

If you’re like most women, then you probably remember more times when your relationship took a turn for the worse over the phone than times when it actually got better, stronger, and happier! Of course, it’s not your fault. It’s not easy to build a relationship over the phone and the Internet, because like most love tools out there, there are right ways and wrong ways to use them! It’s like trying to use a complicated tool when you don’t know how to. Most times, you’ll hurt yourself! Trust me.

Today, we’ll be talking about the number one thing to do to actually make your relationship stronger, happier, and more enjoyable with every phone call or skype chat you share with your man. And the most common misconception is..
You Can’t “Live” A Virtual Relationship

The biggest mistake most of us make is that we think we can have a relationship over the phone or the Internet. This is a misconception that has broken millions of female hearts over the past several years. Including mine if I must say. Here’s the thing: Technology is supposed to be a tool. And yes, it can make your relationship better, simply because it gives you more ways to communicate with the man in your life. But it’s no substitute to real, face-to-face, heart-to-heart dating! That’s why long distance relationship is a no-no for me. The long-distance lovers fall in love with each other before they talk about closing the distance. Soon, that love and attraction turns into frustration and heartbreak when eventually both parties never get to see as planned due to one delay or the other.

If long-distance lovers only knew that if they worked on closing the distance first or at least, finding ways to meet face-to-face as often as practically possible then they’d probably still be together today!
Here’s the lesson for today: Technology can make an average relationship good, and a good relationship great. But without face-to-face dating, your relationship will always be poor at best no matter how long and often you chat over the phone!


So how do you make a relationship better with technology? The right way to use technology to build a romantic relationship is not just a “system” for calling. It’s not just about “rules” for calling. And it’s not just about “saying the right words” during a call. You need to go deeper than that, because here’s the big challenge: Men aren’t really “phone people.” Am I right or am I right?

It’s simply not in their nature to pick up the phone, call up their friends, and chat for hours whenever they have a problem. (If your man does, then I’m a little worried for you) Basically, your challenge is to actually make him like chatting on the phone with you. How? By using the sound of your voice in a special manner that actually triggers his urge to meet you face-to-face.

Every second you talk over the phone, you make him subconsciously decide: “I want to see her.” And soon enough, he’ll pop the question: “Hey, are you free? Want to meet up sometime?” That’s the psychology of phone communication. And without it, you’re always running the risk of actually turning him off with your phone calls. But with it, you can take the relationship you share to the next level real fast.

Imagine this. What if every phone call you share with him, no matter how short, strengthens and deepens your love for each other? What if every phone call you share with him, no matter how silly, is punctuated with expressions of love, affection, and attention? What if every phone call you share with him, no matter how ordinary, makes you forget about your painful past, and focus on building your future together? When you master the psychology of phone communication, your relationship soon becomes effortless. You go on more dates, you take more vacations together, you discuss the future you want to share with each other etc. Do you get the idea?

Basically, you build the best relationship you’ve ever had simply because you mastered the psychology of phone communication.

The psychology of communication doesn’t just work for new relationships. It also rekindles old relationships that have lost the “spark.” That’s when we realized the true magic of the psychology of communication. Try communicating with him via phone the right way and trust me, your relationship will be spiced up more that you even expected.
To the best relationships we all deserve. Good luck in life and love. Cheers.

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