Buhari Knows I Know Too Much About These Killings – Suswam


Gabriel Suswam stilled his look at me and took a deep sigh and said “Doc, I am certain that Buhari will arrest me very soon, not because of any corruption but because he knows I know too much about these killings. He won’t stop the killings”.

This was in 2016 but first a background.

I was just settling down in London in 2016 as a Chevening Scholar at the London School of Economics when I got a desperate call from a friend who is from Benue.

She was weeping and told me stories of ongoing massacres in her village by Herdsmen with no one reporting them while CSOs and influencers went silent.

She said no one wanted to speak up because they all supported the new government of President Muhammmed Buhari. I informed her that I also campaigned and support the government but that was no reason to condone the kind of murders that she just described.

I promised to get back to her and started surfing the net for any information on ongoing killings in the Benue. True to what she told me, information was scanty with only untrustworthy blogs and citizen reporters alluding to anything of the sorts.

The Benue state Governor, Samuel Ortom himself was singing the praises of the new government. Knowing who this friend was, I knew she was not one to raise a false alarm especially when she had told me that five of her uncles in the village had already being hacked to death.

She sent me picture evidence via WhatsApp. I made some calls back home but most of the usual vocal voices were not interested. The opinion then was that the out-gone government of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan messed up and it would take time for things to come back to normal, especially as there were signs that the Boko Haram terrorists were being repressed and overwhelmed by the new admin.

However, when I saw more pictures and videos, this time, of pregnant women being disembowelled by the herdsman and some local youths engaging in Cannibalism (roasting and eating a herdsman), I knew I had to act. I flew into Nigeria the next week and started putting in place A CSO Colloquium on the crises.

My approach was to use my networks and connections to get prominent figures from both divides to come speak in a nationally televised event. The Secretary-General of the Miyetti Allah is someone I have known very closely for over 20 years.

I then reached out to some Benue citizens and that was how I contacted Gabriel Suswam, the former Governor of Benue state. After a few hiccups, we finally met late one night in his home.

What he told me was chilling. Due to National Security concerns I will not reveal certain aspects of our discussion, but he was very bitter. He said during the transition between GEJ’s government and the incoming PMB administration, he was summoned to the Villa and Jonathan took him to the then President-Elect.

GEJ told PMB in Suswam’s presence that he wants only one favour from PMB.

He told PMB that he didn’t care if he was probed or if his administration’s efforts at national development were reversed, but PMB should please do something for him.

According to Suswam, GEJ informed PMB that the brewing Herdsmen crises could eclipse the BH insurgency in all ramifications, and that, if not tackled with expediency Nigeria may not recover.

He said he had set up a committee chaired by Suswam to travel round the world looking for solutions and that they now fully have a plan that can resolve the issue.

He begged PMB to invite Suswam for talks and to look at the recommendations of that committee.

Suswam told me that he was made the Chair of the committee for an incident that happened in his state. Sometime in 2014, herdsman had sacked whole villages, killed, raped women and burnt farms and homes of communities in rural areas in Benue.

He said he didn’t believe the reports he was getting until he started seeing refugees pouring into Makurdi.

One day, he mobilized his entourage which included police men, press, soldiers and others and proceeded to see things for himself in those communities.

He said when they got to a few kilometres to the village the soldiers in his convoy, acting on instructions from Headquarters refused to proceed any further but he insisted on continuing.

Ten minutes into the trip all hell was let loose. They were ambushed by Herdsmen and a battle ensued. A barrage of gun shots was unleashed on them from all sides. He said there were over 100 well armed Herdsmen shooting at them.

Those in the convoy retreated but he was already in the middle and so decided to fight for his life. He took an AK from one of the retreating mopol men and with a few others that remained with him faced the Herdsmen fire for fire.

He told me he was a trained marksman having lived in the US. In the process, two of his security aides were shot but they continued fighting until the Herdsmen retreated.

He said he left for Markurdi and returned the next day fully prepared and saw how villages had been taken over by cows. This time, the Herdsmen didn’t shoot him and some of them pulled out their phones and were snapping him.

He decided then and then that, if he did nothing Benue would be overrun. He took actions that saw to a curtailing of the actions of these killers. It was against this backdrop that GEJ made him the chairman of the Committee.

To be continued…


  1. Does it mean Nigeria lacks the might to crush her enemies (Fulani herdsmen) The answer is no. Its obvious that Fulani men have contracted to spearhead the islamization of Nigeria. Their hand writing is clear.
    But something will happen, so sudden that those who feel they are safe, will die first.
    Live & let live is not a human law buh a divine law for humans. Thank you.

    • Buhary we image as Nigeria president come 2019.but the next thing that will up is war cos ,he can not conceived difit like Jonathan did. In spite of dat, we should expect more killing in Nigeria most especially the herdsmen and farms cost this is jihad in full force.. The one in 1804 mere thin.

      • I know fully well I’m not suppose to do this but I can’t just bear it anymore. You are such an ignoramus and it is so foolish of you to say “Terrorism” is “Jihad”. I thought we’re suppose to fight it irrespective of tribe or religion but it’s so unfortunate to have people like you@lorkyaa in this blessed country. I doubt you are even educated because if you are, you’ll know the difference between “Economic Fundamentalism ” And “Religious doctrine for you to talk about 1804 Uthman Dan Fodio quest for territory manager and call it Jihad is a great sign of Stupidity, ‘Mumurity’. Go back to school to learn bro

      • Adesina Foluso you should know you are the more ignorant person in that conversation else how will a supposedly educated person exchange abuse for opinions and views in an intellectual discussion? Everyone has right to his/views and if you think the contributor isn’t making sense you should be prudent enough to make your points. If the ongoing onslaught isn’t a continuation of the 1804 Jihad why has the President and Commander in chief of the Armed Forces remained eloquently silent on the issue when his primary duty is to protect lives and properties? Why haven’t they be declared terrorists? what did the pro-Biafrans do before being declared terrorists? Go back to school boy, you need a thorough research to be able to stand mature intellectual conversations.

      • Adriana Faluso,i never believe that you are an educated illiterate by you making such comment,so you are among those people that are in support of this killings,well,this has not come to your corridor so I presumed you are ingnorant of what is happening,but until it comes closer to you.thankyou for your

      • Adriana Faluso,i never believe that you are an educated illiterate by you making such comment,so you are among those people that are in support of this killings,well,this has not come to your corridor so I presumed you are ingnorant of what is happening,but until it comes closer to you.thankyou for your

    • Those dz story make any sense @ all….Suswan Army guards received order 4rm above & retreated while suswan cont, he collected AK gun 4rm a mopol & shot @ herdsmen b4 de retreat after his (suswan) personal guards where shot
      …#nonsense story….#Suswan is d devil in Benue state

  2. Our country is in a serious mess. Does it mean operation python dance 11, crocodile smile in south can longer dance and smile in middle belt? They (Govt) know the cause.

  3. There is always a nemesis over what ever you are doing either good or bad, it will one day boomerang on you or your unborn generation. Today is SUSWAM but tomorrow will turn to undisclosed person in the society.

    • shut your ignorant mouth @Okibe. what do you know about jihad?? you are so stupid. open the holy Quran yourself to search for the meaning of jihad and stop saying rubbish. instead of fueling war in Nigeria, you are suppose to sit with your damn books to read.

      • Are you so foolish that you cannot read the handwriting on the wall? You claim to be educated yet you reason like someone who has not seen the walls of a school. The earlier you stop being sentimental the better for you because if you continue like this, my prayer for you is that God should allow this killing to visit your family and leave you to watch while people defend the killers.

      • Fuck ur Ass hole there Adesina or whatever is name….u claimed to be educated when u no nothing about Quran…I guess ur among the Anti-Christ we have in this Nation. Black Odin’s.

      • one thing you should know is that Christian and Muslim have nothing in common, the ideas of one Nigeria is not working, why will anyone take human life for a missing cow? how are we sure that the so called missing cow or kill cow, is the real story? if one of the victim happen to be your mother how will you feel?

  4. This is an evil plan. secretly spearheaded by these so called leaders. My question is why is GEJ himself silent about this. He was a past president you know, that counts to a large extent. He should do something

  5. Later they would say Islam is a peaceful religion yet they have killed millions in the name of “ALLAH”. Christians have only killed in defense of themselves so pls @adesina shut up.

  6. The day of judgement is very near and Whoever is involved in this dastardly act Will face the judgement of God, but we must act in 2019 by voting our government that is not protecting the unity of this country
    please let me have the full story via my email address

  7. @Adesina Foluso why don’t you quit attacking commenters and focus on the post? Are you happy with the killings? It’s over zealous muslims like you that are blinded by religion that value human life less over cattle. You did not condemn the killings but attacking commenters to represent your religion even in the face of wrong.You and your likes lack empathy and do not know, feel or understand the anguish, sorrow and pain these families are going through. These killings are senseless. May these killings befall you, your family and friends that think alike.

  8. Most of us are only talking about wat has been reported.Human being killed like chicken yet some1 is asking people to back to school.u who ur school help.buhari has no conscience.Nigeria’s soldiers can no longer handle heardsmen its a pity.

  9. In reacting to all these Fulani attack that people are ignorantly called Fulani /farmers crashes is unacceptable. Irrespective of the situation on ground we still need to react reasonably and sincerely, despite the fact that the Fulani are killing the indigenous Farmer a lot of political undertone has overtaken the situation that requires urgent attention from the government. politicians has taken advantage of the Fulani herdsmen to cause insecurity in the country in order to blackmail the government of Buhari. yes despite the fact that I didn’t concord with the opinion that he was the one sponsoring the herdsmen, his constant silence and in action is casting doubt on his ability to tackle insecurity in the country.
    So he should be warn that though former president Goodluck Jonathan was not the founder nor the sponsor of Boko Haram yet his inability to curtailed it made him lose the 2015 election. So PMB be warn. and do something fast before It is too late

  10. Hello Northern christians,you must learn how our ancestors lived in harmony with one another regardless of our substantial divergence,stop pointing your vulnarable finger against we,muslims,we are in mijority in North,we are your masters on the planet,you would never rub shoulder with us,do not jeopadize the century-old peaceful co-existance prevailed between us by inviting the war which you would never ever be emerged victorious,stop copying how to fan the tremendeous breath of tension from the likes of FEMI FANI KAYODE,T.Y.DANJUMA etc.

    • u r freaking mad I can c u r outta ur senses do u no aw many xtians we have in Nigeria starting from d west south middle belt east den d few in north dat robs shoulder with the Muslims (herdsmen) don’t make dat mistake dat will send Islam into extinct.

  11. Reasoning and talking out of context will continue to cause unrest in Nigeria.
    The issue on ground is never a religious matter.
    Pure political and the perpetrators are either your favorite politicians or mine.
    Anyone still mentioning “jihad, Islamization, religion here are wicked and ignorant. They are causing more problems. They are hacked by desperate politicians who are devilish.. and remember, devil will never come and call himself a devil, he will rather find an acceptable name to bear and weak ones will fall for devil as you guys are doing. You Christians here are having numerous Muslim friends, colleagues and you are still living. My office is owned by a Muslim organization and the Christians carry 80% of the total and senior staff. All the noise on the media are propaganda. Even the fathers among the villagers there know their children are thugs, cultists who are used by politicians to disrupt the peace of their lands. They should fight their course to stop killing in their land. They know the perpetrators. Before GEJ, Buhari regime,there have been serious and frequent problems in Jos. I witness s little during my nysc in 2009. Then I confirmed media do tell us lies. it is pure political not religious. It still continues.

    There are governors, senators,reps from these affected states who are either Muslims or Christians. What did they do to protect people that voted them or they are just voted there to collect money, enjoying and leave the voters dieing and suffering.
    The clear truth is “the first people to discharge their security duty to their immediate people are those mentioned above. So,why everybody it s just shouting Buhari Buhari. This is to Show that the spell casted on Nigerians to reason wrongly is effective. If anyone is to be prosecuted first in Plateaue, benue, Adamawa or anywhere there is killing or mayhem, it is their governors. Why are they not attacked or killed. Is it PMB that tell them how to spend their allocations. They do things as they like, they are killing their people just to divert attention, cause security unrest an discredit PMB and you educated youths are dancing to their fooling and also drumming wars between Muslims and Christians. God will judge everyone.

    • @ olaide. You are right . our leaders use this to divert our attention. But what about the military heads? if we could remember during GEJ tenure, there was huge sum of money diverted by the so called Gen.Dasuki that are meant to buy arms to fight BHT. If those that swear to protect the nation end up destroying it then who else are we to trust?

  12. You see, according to the writer, when they got to a few kilometers to the village the soldiers in his convoy acting to instructions from the headquarters, refused to go any further. Now does it mean the soldiers cannot fight the herdsmen? that means even the FG knows a lot about the killings.

  13. *This is just one of the reasons why they have refused to restructure. Because with restructuring, no State Government would fold it’s arms and watch their people killed this way. Instead what we have is a system where orders the security of each state. The Governor is just there totally incapacitated because the security personnels around him, he cannot order.
    *Secondly I have every conviction that Buhari is directly or indirectly an accomplice in this killings.
    * I told people that he personally has an agenda to accomplish which is why he ran for office of the President for a record four times.
    * To those who re praying tht God should come to our rescue, it’s a fantastic good thing to do. But not the only thing, and so the people of Middle Belt and the entire Nation should find a way to arm and defend themselves.
    *It’s not time to call people names, but time to face the truth this is Jihad, the Fulanis have said that Nigeria is their country by Jihad, so let’s not fool ourselves.

  14. Election 2019 is by the corner so I am not surprised that the carnage unleashed by Boko Haram before the last elections is rearing it’s ugly head through the herdsmen. Why must innocent Nigerians be puns in the hands of these gullible politicians?

  15. when I hear killed I will be asking myself whether it is goat or fowl that got killed PMB should do something and each state govt should form a security group that can readily fight this killers. u cannot be a governor without being ready to protect ur territory,cstate governor should act with immediate effect.


  17. I t is interesting knowing the genesis of Fulani herdsmen/Farmers’ crssh .I need to be welk informed and hereby demand the full story in my mail.

  18. my people let the truth be told, buhari is an Islamist. his fulani people knows that they have seen their brother who is their to protect their course. we should wait to bring and end to fulani jehad domination by voting atiku come 2019. I am an igbo by tribe… i know atiku’s presidency will not seat and watch criminal element miscreants called fulanis to perpetuate this continuous genocide.


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