Buhari In Germany


President Muhammadu Buhari is in Germany on his first official trip outside Africa since his inauguration on May 29 2015. It is to honour an invitation by the Group of Seven (G-7) most industrialised nations of the world that is meeting in Munich. At the meeting, the Nigerian leader is expected to use the rare opportunity to brief the international community on the thrust of his administration and the possible ways it can be of assistance to a country plagued with corruption, insecurity and unemployment, as well as power and energy crises. He will also hold talks with world leaders, multilateral and bilateral agencies and other global institutions, on matters of mutual interest.

The invitation, extended to him as soon as he was declared president-elect, is seen by analysts as a goodwill gesture and an extension of a hand of cooperation with his effort to kick start his administration. Buhari will also use the opportunity to draw the attention of the world leaders to the issues of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), infrastructure development, the environment, enhanced transparency in elections and good governance.

The meeting could not have come at a better time, as it offers the Nigerian leader the much-desired stage to advertise the nation. Not just its problems and challenges, but also efforts being made to overcome them as well as the prospects the country holds as a destination for economic and business investment and cultural exchanges. The invitation to the new Nigerian leader, in our view, is a demonstration of the high regard the world has for Nigeria as Africa’s leading economy and also the role it has been playing and will continue to play as a strategic country in Africa and key ally of the Western countries.

Since the president’s election in March there has been an outpouring of goodwill, enhanced expectation and renewed hope in the possibilities his administration can engender after years of almost inaction by his predecessors in office. The president is aware of the demands by a populace previously worked into a state of near despondency by the impunity of the political leaders. His reputation as an incorruptible former military leader, his utterances and assurances enkindled in his supporters, local and international, the feeling of acceptability needed at this time to give the sleeping giant Nigeria was perceived to be the kiss of life to enable it actualise its latent potential.

We see the Munich gathering as an auspicious moment for the new Nigerian leader to market himself and justify the confidence reposed in him by the electorate who took his promises to heart and have entrusted him with their destiny, at least for the next four years. It is also a platform for him to reassure his friends abroad, who gave him the benefit of doubt and endorsed him as the man capable of taking the country back to the right path of prudence and sustained development, that indeed he will.

Culled from http://leadership.ng/opinions/439422/buhari-in-germany


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