Buhari condemns Boko Haram killings


Former Head of State, Muhammadu Buhari has condemned the spate of killings in the North East of the country.

The recent killings in Borno by the dreaded terrorist group, Boko Haram has drawn fierce condemnation from Buhari who called their ideology devilish.

In a statement, the three-time presidential candidate and national leader of APC said, “We condemn the recent escalation of senseless violence in Borno State. Our prayers and sympathies are with the victims and their families. There is no justification for this wanton disregard for the sanctity and dignity of human life. Any ideology that traffics in terror and violence is a devilish ideology that has no place in a civilized society”.

He continued, “This is the time for our security agencies and those responsible for the security and well-being of our citizens to intensify vigilance in order to mitigate future occurrences. Because it is inconceivable that despite heavy militarization, terrorists and other criminal elements are still able to terrify defenceless populations of those areas.”

“May God grant us the strength and unity to overcome this”, he added.

However critics have reacted to the statement. They say that Buhari’s condemnation is coming late, and that it might have been informed by political reasons since 2015 is around the bend.


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