Buhari can never rule Nigeria – Senator


Elder statesman Nosike Ikpo who was one of the outstanding senators in the Second Republic has said that the All Progressives Congress’ chieftain, Muhammadu Buhari can never rule Nigeria because he scuttled a democratically elected government, the government of Shagari.

According to Ikpo, Bola Ahmed Tinubu , the national leader of the APC, is among those who cannot rule Nigeria.

He said, “I do not see how Tinubu and Buhari can lead Nigeria. Buhari campaigned in 2007, he wanted to be president of Nigeria but he never reached Delta State. And in any case anybody who overthrew a democratic government cannot be elected as president of Nigeria. He is not entitled to. He has no moral justification to become a democratic leader of this country.”

“…the idea of the possibility of Buhari becoming presidential candidate of that party (APC) nauseates me completely’, he added.


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