Buhari Breaks Another Record As The Nigerians Witness Longest Atm Queue

In view of the cash trap the hit banks in Nigeria, any ATM Machine that has any sign of cash dispensing has become the second home of those who want to make withdrawal of their hard earned money. The situation has led to unprecedented and frustrating long queues around ATM machines.

Hence, for the first time in Nigeria, the citizens witnessed ATM queues getting up to 125 meters long comprising large crowd with frustration vividly written all over their faces, not because they have no money, but that the system has locked in their money and accessing their cash is like crossing the Red Sea.

Since this government took over leadership, they have been breaking different kinds of negative records (of events that never occurred anywhere in the world). Ranging from missing budget, padding, DSS midnight invasion of Supreme Court judges, DSS burgling houses by 2pm like notorious rubbers etc

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