We all go marching one by one

We all go marching hand in hand.

United! United! We shall stand

Unmoved by your guns and terrible bombs

Unmoved by your blood thirsty killer squad,

Who slaughter with pleasure both the old and young;

Who flood our peaceful streets with violent blood;

Who killed our sons and bury their future;

 And kidnap our girls for lustful pleasure.


So enough is enough!

 We now stamp our feet.

 We scream and Shout, without fear or retreat.


 You servants of fear

You heartless horrors from the hot pit of hell



From your chains of slavery

 You slave to the devil and his occult treachery

Whether the day closes and walks away

 Whether the night comes in and sleeps till wake,

Whether our voices become vanquish and vanish,

We shall not relent and sit in shame

We shall not be silent and writhe in pain

 We shall be united, one voice! One aim!

 To bring back our girls from your ugly den of pain

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