Ours is a clime where slaying of fellow humans is a profitable business venture. It is an enclave where assassination is politics, and politics on the other hand dirty. A place where violent deaths are permissible, and clandestine murder normal. A zone where sudden disappearances of political actors are common, and their eventual demise usual.

This is one nation too many. Welcome to Nigeria, where Callousness is a way of life. And Insensitivity, regular. Where butchering of opposition figures and dissenting voices are traditional, while maiming of persons considered stumbling blocks are described as ‘standard’. Killing is politics here, and politics on the other hand, is killing.

So why wouldn’t political Assailants see here as safe heavens when they are hired to do their hatchet jobs by the topmost of our politicians? Bloodletting jobs are lucrative deals in Nigeria, political grandstanding is customary too. No wonder, Politics is dubbed muddy, and governance too, a game.

While they have a field day seizing and slaughtering their unfortunate victims, investigations into same by successive governments are predicated to have a free fall too. And this, probably leaves us with the question on why insincerity is fast overwhelming us, while over politicization of virtually, everything aspect of human endeavor ordinary? ‘The trouble with Nigeria indeed, is leadership.’ ‘Nigeria, we hail thee.’

But there seems to be something soothing and cheery after all. The recent declaration credited to the new Inspector General of police, Abubakar Muhammed, where he was quoted as saying the Force Under him were ‘ready to reopen investigation into the cause of death of former Attorney General of the Federation, James Idowu Ige, SAN, (also referred to as Bola Ige), who was murdered in 2001 in his Ibadan Residence, Oyo State and bring his killers to book.’

There could be nothing more heartwarming than hounding the killers of this distinguished Nigerian Attorney and legal giant, whose death since 2001 has elicited more condemnation and criticisms for the country’s security. There could be nothing more demeaning than seeing the loss of such Nigerian remain a mystery since his passage, as Nigerian citizens have long waited in vain to see the faces behind his death, as well as see them march to jail.

Nigerians are really at a lost as to how its finesses are been felled by unseen hands, but merchants of deaths. They are really in a quagmire over how their best hands are hunted by these evil-doers and eventually committed to mother earth untimely. They are dumbfounded, and totally dazed by the number of unraveled deaths, as well as fruitless investigations into the cause of such.

Otherwise, how can somebody ex-ray and explain to the world outside us that top of our leaders who were killed mysteriously by snipers and trained executioners, who are Nigerians and resident here cannot be traced and brought to book. It is most worrisome remembering the list of such victims keep expanding by the day.

While the death toll-list of such individuals at my disposal, as culled from The Punch Newspaper’s editorial of 27th July, 2016 includes: Harry Marshal, Ogbonnaya Uche, Funsho Williams, Dipo Dina, Barnabas Igwe and wife (Abigail), Ayo Daramola, Andrew Agom and SuliatAdedeji, Dele Giwa, Alfred Rewane and Kudirat Abiola, there are many more that cannot be listed here.

It is certainly a distressing fact, every step aimed at unveiling the faces behind these uncanny happenings within and around us, usually ends in political consolidations and partnerships. Leaving no answer to why governments of different regimes here, proved incapable of getting to the roots of these untowered incidences. But this too, is the major reason many Nigerians adorn apolitical togas when confronted with whether they like politics or not.

But every governance is anticipated to be all inclusive if indeed, it is fashioned after democracy, as democracy is about the people. While one can boldly say a good number of Nigerians have given up on politics, owing to the manner it is played here, one is only reprimanded to love politics, following Harold Lasky, a French political philosopher’s intervention that “exclusion from power is an exclusion from the benefit of power.”

It is therefore, the duty of this government to restore the hope and confidence of its people in the ability and powers it possesses to do right things. The government should in fact, make it a point of its duty resuscitating the lost trust of its people in politics and governance by wading into the den of the untouchables in the society, who are the real threats to rights to life here, while arresting and jailing the culpable among them.

Even though it is evidently noted, convincing someone who has given up in politics, is a herculean task that must be done. It is a near impossible project, but only good works and fulfilled promises can do this. The government by its pronouncement to dig deep and punish both the top and the lower Nigerians behind political assassinations in the past, in the country has only demonstrated willingness that can only succeed if accompanied with might.

As every eye points to the Centre, awaiting the fulfillment of these assurances, President Muhammadu Buhari must note there is barely a second chance in politics, as many of his peers never had the golden opportunity open to him to right the wrongs of the past. Even president Goodluck Jonathan, if approached would tell you a number of good thoughts he planned bringing on board, if he had been re-elected. But fate said no.

Mr. President must note therefore, that nobody, but himself is best positioned to open this old wound as promised by his inspector. He should also note the ‘change’ mantra by the present dispensation will not translated to ‘real change’ if there is no paradigm shift from approaches to issues, to promises fulfilled. ‘Change’ as a mantra will leave Nigerians bewildered than excited, if at the end of the song, nothing changes from investigating untimely deaths in Nigeria, to eventually prosecuting the culprits.

Gwiyi Solomon writes from Abuja.

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