Blood, Blood Everywhere

Red-Blood Cells
Red-Blood Cells
This is a world where the helpless are fated and hacked down in a conscienceless conduct. It is an enclave where the innocent are victims and susceptible to unprovoked and pointless molestation.
They are mowed down and hewed like woods in each episode of this unjustifiable and unpardonable mayhem.
Else how can one explain to perceptive minds the carnage visited on the First Baptist Church in Texas, United States of America a few days ago?
And why has the church of Christ become a major target of attacks by mostly, individuals who consider this world a killing field and their fellow human targets?
Just a few days ago, in the United States, “a gun man wearing a bulletproof vest opened fire with an assault rifle on a congregation of worshipers, killing 26 persons on the spot and wounding 20 more.”
The killer, who was later identified as Devin Kelly, was a former Air Force Officer, who had served in New Mexico in 2010 before being court-martialed in 2012 for “allegedly assaulting his wife and child,” punch Newspapers of 6th November, 2017 reported.
And what’s more? After murdering his victims and doing what delighted his heart, Devin was later found dead in his car, after concerted efforts were made by the neighborhood to bring the killer to book.
The world is jinxed and bleeding from the East, West, North and South. There is blood, blood everywhere. Everybody is at war with one another; just as Aggressors vent their grievances against their fellow human with every sense of callosity.
Still discussing man’s inhumanity to his fellow man, exactly one month ago in Las Vegas, United States of America, a gun man had fired down from his Hotel room on to an outdoor concert, killing 58 people and wounding hundreds of people who had gathered for the evening show.
And the country was brought to a halt and its citizens dazed: an incident that was largely described as the deadliest mass shooting in modern US history.
The incident was dreadful in terms of casualty rate and considering America’s technological power which its bandies as its strongest claim in the comity of Nations.
Still in America, barely two years from today, a supremacist, Dylann Roof entered a black church in Charleston, Southern Carolina and shot nine people to death while injuring others. What a world!
But this is what our planet has been reduced to. It has turned a slaughtering ground where heartlessness reigns. The world has turned a mass grave, where the weak are buried for every other reason.
Back home in Nigeria and still in churches, the Ozubulu people in Anambra got the shock of their lives when while worshiping on a Sunday morning and gun men swooped on them, while killing over twenty and injuring many others. That is what life has turned here.
It has become so cheap and poor that anybody can afford to take another’s existence with little or no rebuttal. Proliferation of short guns and other deadly weapons too have not helped matters either.
And the killers have always appeared a step ahead of our security Agents and their technologies. Little wonder they only come to the scenes after the said incidents.
But more worrisome is the fact that we have suddenly become attracted to evil and its practices. We have also lost value for human lives and desecrated its sanctity.
It is the above condescension that agitates discerning minds. The thought of this alone burdens the heart and disconcerts the mind.
It is therefore on this note; government across the world must rise in condemnation and defense of its citizenry through improved laws on restricting ownership of deadly ammunition.
On the other hand, Professional Security personnel must be beefed up in places where people gather, especially churches, schools, market areas and other places of its ilk as against their interventions after lives would have been lost.
Meanwhile, stiffer punishments must be meted on persons who take another’s lives, so as to serve as deterrent and send a strong signal rights to life are fundamental.
“Enough” they say “is enough.”
Gwiyi Solomon


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