Blac Chyna Gets In Trouble on Her First Visit to Nigeria


From meeting with fans who show up unannounced and her first experience of the jollof-rice hit, Blac Chyna’s visit to Nigeria has been obviously balanced.

With the large presence of fans that came to visit her at a club in Abuja, Blac Chyna would have learned on her first visit to Nigeria that she is adored but that didn’t keep her away from trouble.

Many who appreciated the worth of the model stacked themselves at the party house to get a glimpse of her.

A male admirer came too close to her and gets a feisty response as he tries to initiate a conversation.

In another encounter, a lady tries to restrain her as she charges towards an unknown person while leaving the venue.

The hostility long began with Burna Boy who warns Blac Chyna against bringing her wares to sell in Nigeria. In his post on social media, he urges his followers not to attend an exclusive gig to present the model’s cream collection.

His comments inspired harsh remarks from Cameroonian singer Dencia who drags him over a drug habit.

In Nigeria, Blac Chyna is enjoying the cultural features of the country such as its jollof-rice hit.

On her Instagram feed, she posts an image of a spicy-looking meal that she apparently enjoyed.

“Nigerian jolloff is so bomb,” the model shares her new experience.

The visit to Nigeria is one she has been looking forward to from an IG post published on Tuesday, October 30, 2018.

She intimates her followers that an arrangement had been made to have her attend a pool party in Abuja.

According to the model, getting her to appear in the city cost her host a sum of N10 million


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