Bimbo Akintola, Nollywood’s beauty, brain and soul


Bimbo Akintola with an airy and friendly personality is Nollywoods Beauty, Brain and Soul. She can keep you glued to your screen and begging for more, there is no wonder this beauty has thrived in all her endeavours. She is a successful actress, who recently started her own talk show “AMAZONS’’, which took over the screen by storm. She recently opened up to DANIEL IGWE, on her career, and expectations for the future.


Acting, my dream! my passion!

From when I thought about a profession, acting was the first thing that came to mind. As a child I thought I would be a doctor because everybody said there was a Bimbo Akintola who was a doctor. And one of my teachers went on and on about it. But when I did realize I had to do something for a living, I picked acting. Where does my passion come from? The same thing (acting), characters I have always acted one way or the other. I am what some people would call extremely dramatic even as a child. I am very passionate about the things that occur around me. I can be philanthropic at times and wish I can change a lot about certain situations. I visit house of Gold Foundation, where I spend time with the kids, you will find a lot of physically and medically challenged children who needs love, care and attention. It is what I love to do and it’s a passion of mine.

‘’OUT OF BOUNDS’’ An epic performance

What happened with “out of bounds” was that a lot of people just saw the craziness and the sexiness of the character I played. But for me it was one character that I understood and empathized with I could easily translate the roles I am given. It was an epic performance of a truth.

My project and my pet

Amazons is a talk show set to discuss important issues that affects women. In Africa we have a habit of keeping quiet when things go wrong, we keep quiet about things that are important. Amazons is just a platform to discuss all those issues that we normally do not talk about, issues and things that affects our daily lives, and by discussing it we can come up with some form of resolution.

Segun Arinze “Nollywood’s Bad Boy’’

I have known Segun Arinze for years. He is my friend, a great actor, a wonderful person and he has a lovely family. To describe Segun in one word I would say ‘’warm’’. His policies as AGN president cannot be described in mare words. He did so much for Nollywood by ensuring that AGN became a part of the international acting body in the world. I did support his polices because it was for the good of the industry.


Actors and the Music industry

I would say if you have the talent just go for it, it’s all in the art. Acting is art, music is art, they are both forms of art and usually you find out that a lot of actors do have good singing voice. If you have the talent for both acting and singing, I don’t see any reason why one shouldn’t sing. It doesn’t matter if you are an actor, sing if you can.

Nollywood in twenty years

Nollywood is a growing industry; its 20 years old. I am impressed with Nollywood because as an industry, we have gained international recognition, we have created employment and if you look at 20years of Hollywood or any other industry you will find out that basically we are doing well. Agreed, technical quality can be better and so much more can be done. But because we don’t have financial backing from any other industry based on that basis; I give Nollywood a plus.

Fashion and I

I love fashion. You can tell that I am a very fashionable person but at the same time I like it simple and classy. I love shoes that speak volume not plain. You can’t say I’m the queen of cheer, it’s not possible but I do like to cheer. I love to stay at home, I love watching movies, reading, writing poetry and I love cooking.



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