Berom Christian Terrorist Responsible For Disappearance Of Army General – MURIC


The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) has accused the “Berom Christian terrorists” of being responsible for the disappearance of an Army General because he was a Muslim who was passing through Berom Territory.

Major General Idris Alkali who was until a few weeks ago, the chief of Administration in the Nigerian Army suddenly disappeared on September 3, 2018 before security agents traced signals from his cell phone to a notorious pond in the Dura-Du District, A Berom Community in Jos, Plateau state.

The general’s car with plate number MUN-670-AA Kwara state was recovered from the bottom of the pond after the security agencies spent one week draining it, even though his body was nowhere to be found, the searchers found his blood stained army T-Shirt with his name tag on it.

MURIC through its Director, Professor Ishaq Akintola has insisted that the fact that more than 500 Berom Christian women protested against the search at the pond in order to stop the army from draining it is a strong pointer to the complicity of the whole community.

The Muslim Group adduced to the fact that four other cars were found at the bottom of the pond which means that the spot had been a killing ground for some time.

Islamic organizations, particularly the Jamaat Nasril Islam (JNI) have complained severally in the past about the atrocities being committed by the “Berom Christian terrorists” but the security agencies paid no attention.

They alleged that the Christian terrorists once surrounded hundreds of Muslims who gathered for Id prayer, shot, killed them all and even went as far as roasting the dead bodies and ate them up.

It was further alleged that the Berom Christian terrorists were in the habit of blocking major highways, stopping vehicles and profiling the drivers and passengers.

Those who look like Muslims or Fulanis are dragged out and slaughtered on the spot, with their bodies usually dumped in the notorious pond.

They are appealing to the Chief of Army Staff, General Buratai, to leave no stone unturned in finding General Alkali (rtd) dead or alive.

Stating the fact that the disappearance of the retired general is a daring assault on the Nigerian Army, the group wants the culprits identified, apprehended and duely punished according to the laws of the land.

Aside unraveling the circumstance leading to the disappearance of General Alkali, the group says is also interested in knowing the identities of the owners of the four cars found along with the general’s car.

This is based on suspicions that they were all Muslims driving through Berom territory before they were profiled, murdered and dumped in the pond, perhaps their bodies and that of the general were buried elsewhere to ensure that they are never found.

“This one is organized killing by Christian terrorists. We strongly suspect that the killings are carried out with the connivance of certain elements in official circles within the state.

“As a parting shot, we charge the Inspector General of Police to release police dogs for a special search of the community. It will definitely require a combined team of the army, navy and the police with sniffer dogs for the operation to be successful.

“We have no iota of doubt that Berom land is full of shallow graves where hundreds of Muslim bodies have been dumped. The search should now shift from looking for the retired general alone. It must be comprehensive. Berom community lies on dead bodies of Muslims and their blood cries out for justice”, they said.


    • Comment:
      why the abuse??? they hv raised an observation, is left for the entire communities housing those ponds to come clean and exonerate themselves from any complexity, period!

    • Comment:anytime Muslims make comments, it sound irrelevant, but the real terrorists are the Christians,let’s wait and see,the search should continue

  1. This certainly is the aim of the entire stuffs. from the beginning I knew everything was planned. it was a carefully planned stuffs. only an illiterate will believe and think like that. as for us, we know it’s not true. keep spreading your propaganda’s. This is never berom peoples act. it was a set up aimed at wiping the berom nation. I am not berom, but I know much about them. they are so very hospitable untill you push them to the wall.

  2. muslim and their brothers fulani dey envy berom people ask the missing general wife about her last call with her husband. person wey don pass Jos enroute bauchi wetin carry his car back to jos south? Ask Nigeria Army and their co conspirators. #setupmadeinnaija

  3. that incident of roasting happened in jos North not jos south. so what is this one saying? him think say na only berom tribe de jos? I was a student of unijos when we heard of that Story. no one can even confirm it. all where just speculations.

  4. Comment:we already hv the Christian terrorist, now they can explain to us what takes his car and four other vehicles into the pond, even upto now the army are still serching to reveal more from pond, cannibals.

  5. Killing is killing, it should be condemned by all Muslims, Christians or pagans, we can’t create life so we should not take life.

  6. Comment:I suggest that the rivers in Muslim dominated areas be search too and see if hitches will not be found. Although that of du is a planned attack on the berom land. I wonder the kind of security agencies we have in dis nation with shallow thinking caps.


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