Behind the wheel and the man on flames..


The movie which is famous for its action sequence and fire stunt pulled by Ani Iyoho, will premiere on September 30, 2016, at the African Shrine, Agindigbi.”Behind the Wheels,” which tells the story of a tanker driver, became a social media sensation after a clip of Ani Iyoho ‘burning’ on set went viral. On Wednesday, July 27, an email was disseminated to various media houses, claiming that Iyoho was in the hospital after a fire stunt went wrong on set.

Nollywood movie "Behind the Wheels"

In an exclusive interview, the actor spoke on receiving the script from the director, Stanlee Ohikhaure, preparing for the scene, and the reaction of the cast and crew on set;Iyoho stated that he was excited about doing something new, something that has never been done in the Nigerian film industry.

He also attributed his confidence to the special effects artist, whom he has a lot of respect for.

Speaking about reactions, he said, “probably apart from me and the special effect makeup artist, who had already run tests and knew how safe it was, I guess every other person was already kind of sceptical, a little bit on the edge.”

He also revealed that he had a code while filming. “I had a code I was gonna give them when I thought it was too much. When I thought OK, it’s time for them to put it out from me.”

“Behind the Wheels” also stars Patrick Doyle, Liz Benson, Chiwetalu Agu, Sani Danja, Queen Nwokoye, Funky Mallam, Kelechi Udegbe, Gregory Ojefua among others.

“Those emails came from us. We wanted to test the waters,” the director of the film Ohikhuare said at the press conference.

The production team revealed the publicity stunt was aimed at activating media influence.

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