BBnaija All Stars: Ilebaye’s Tortuous Journey As HoH

Ilebaye's Tortuous Journey

As they tire of Ilebaye’s directives, the housemates struggle with their next wager presentation.

On a stressful Friday morning, after a relaxing mindfulness exercise in the All Stars arena, HoH and Finalist Ilebaye assembled the housemates to get ready for an upcoming wager presentation. When Soma and Adekunle disagreed with Ilebaye’s request for cooperation, tensions erupted. Soma was dozing on the couch and lamenting his exhaustion from the party the night before, while Adekunle was displeased with the orders.

Ceec grew more and more angry with Ilebaye’s instructions, “Baye, we need quiet,” she cried. The most unexpected development, though, was when Mercy Eke, who is renowned for her cool demeanor, yelled at Ilebaye to keep quiet before turning around and walking away, leaving everyone in a state of shock.

The position of Ilebaye as HoH was one of the main areas of disagreement between the housemates. Many believed she hadn’t been a good team player when the other housemates were in charge. Some of her other housemates did not like the fact that she was now giving instructions as the HoH herself. As they say, “what goes around, comes around.”

Ilebaye and Venita’s argument over a sponsored task two days ago is what started the housemates’ annoyances. Ilebaye, in Venita’s opinion, did not actively contribute to the task’s preparation but instead opted to treat herself to food. As though in retaliation for Ilebaye’s apparent lack of cooperation, Venita opted to take her time baking and eating while Ilebaye instructed the housemates to get ready for the wager.

The day of judgment has come. There is still a ton of work to be done before the wager presentation, which looms huge. Everyone is wondering whether the housemates will be able to pull off a victory given their current state of turmoil with Ilebaye as pressure is mounting.

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