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Bauchi Torture Video: Police Investigation Reveals Girls Were Fighting Over Boyfriend

494 views | Kenechukwu Ofomah | February 18, 2021

Awka – The Bauchi State Police Command investigations into a viral video of a torture scene where some group of young ladies in their late teens and early twenties were being tortured by some gang of boys, has revealed that the incident was the outcome of a fight between two girls over a boyfriend.

The video released on the 8th February 14, 2021, showed the syndicate gang confining the group of captured ladies, numbering about ten of them, to an uncompleted building as they brutally and oppressively beat the girls with intensive strokes of the whip.

The girls were further disgraced as their oppressors used razor blade to cut off their hair while using vulgar words to harass them.

It will be recalled that the Bauchi Police Command had issued a statement since the incident ensued, vowing to get to the root of the matter and ensure that all erring culprits of the incidence are being brought to book in order to ensure deterrence of future occurrence.

In a statement made available to TNC on Wednesday, the Public Relations Officer of theBauchi Police Command, Ahmed Mohammed Wakil, said during the cause of the investigation, some of the girls involved in the incidence gave various version of the same story, all of which boils down to the fact that it was a case of two fighting over boys that degenerated to that unfortunate incidence.

“Halima Musa had relied on her sisters and friends including one Faiza Isiaku, 20 years old and Hauwau Musa 21 years old, against their opponent Aisha of Anguwan Mahaukata.

“Aisha, 19, allegedly relied on the perpetrators of the act identified as Lasa, Mai Laya and Bulbul to fight Halima.

“The fight had reportedly started at Bakin Kura between Halima and her team of girls against Aisha after which Aisha escaped to regroup with the said boys.

“She then dared Halima to meet her at Kofar Dumi where the torture occurred after the girls were rounded up by the boys.

“While Halima claimed they didn’t go there with weapons, Aisha claims they did and the boy who was at the center of the fracas was a certain Dusha, revealing that it was Lasa, Halima’s boyfriend who personally shaved her hair with a razor blade,” the statement read.

The PPRO revealed that the girls have since expressed remorse over the matter and advised young ladies of their age, to desist from unnecessary malice.

He maintained that the Bauchi State Police Command will not pre-empt investigations yet, despite their violation of the human rights and the dignity of the girls but will listen to the version of the suspects.

Wakil however noted that the Police have invited the suspects but they refused to honor the invitation, as such, the Command is intensifying efforts to effect their arrest in order to hear their own side of the story and take necessary action.

While assuring that the general public will continue to be updated as the investigation unfolds, the Command reiterated the need for parents and guardians to maintain strict vigilance of the activities of their wards.

“It is pertinent now more than ever that the whereabouts of wards and the company they keep are constantly kept in check by all those responsible. Community leaders, elders and authoritative persons should also ensure to keep an eye on happenings within their environment and ensure the needed intervention before situations degenerate,” the Command advised.

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