Ayade Needs To Know The True State Of Things


Some many people have contacted me on key issues  affecting the state. Most of them keep seeking my opinion about the government of governor Ayade. I have always tried as much as possible to be as truthful as I can.

I am from Cross River North, and this is the first time that extraction is producing a governor. And it is my believe that this government must succeed. If Ayade fails then Cross River North has failed. So, each time people praise sing without telling the governor the bitter truth I feel very bad.

The truth is, those who are close to Ayade are not telling him the truth. I believe they are telling him Mr. Governor all is well. The people are happy with you. The government is moving and you are on track. The truth be told, one year down, and the state is yet to experience meaningful development.  One year is enough to commission projects and make meaningful development in the state.

The state of things are getting really bad. I was with some friends from the Northern part of the country and they called my governor the MoU governor and I got really embarrassed well they were telling me the truth.

The governor must purge himself of sycophants. Those who are telling him that all is well. It is regrettable that many persons have lost hope in the present government.

The people of Cross River North are not happy. Sire, it is the believe of the good people of Cross River North that you pay attention in developing the region. One year down and no development. We prayed for the emergence of a governor because of the sufferings we were experiencing.

And we are yet to feel the presence of a governor from the region. Sire, I do hope you are not going to say you will develop the region during your second term. Do not make the mistakes Jonathan made. Please rise up and work.

Recently, a member of your cabinet resigned, I think that what you need now is a team of fearless individuals who can argue with you and tell the bitter truth. Truth is bitter but for a leader to do well he must have people of impeccable character  in his government. And not sycophants who all they know is yes sir all is well.

Cross Riverians are complaining about your style of leadership. They are lamenting that your government is slow, they want you to work with the speed of light. They want to see things working very fast.

If I am to add, rather than travelling round the globe signing too many MoUs I think you should implement the already signed ones. I heard you signed an MoU for a rice city, sire, I do not think you need to sign an MoU to Industrialize our rice. All you need is a team of firebrand individuals who can give you the right advice. The Bansara rice does not need any MoU. It is one that is already on ground and with the right approach we can have Cross River rice in no distant time. Exporting our rice to other states. The present hike in the price of rice is one we must key in and make huge revenue for the state.

Trying to execute too many things would only distract you. I will suggest that you let your cabinet members know where you want the state to be in the next three years. You must task them to deliver on your mandate. The roads  across the state are very bad, potholes everywhere, poor infrastructure facility in our health institutions, poor learning condition in our schools, lack of security for our people, lack of employment for our youths and many more. Sire,  I think the right approach is to implement one at a time.

I will also suggest that your cabinet members get a retreat on what is expected of them. They should be given a target. Rather than fighting critics of your administration on the media. The earlier you focus on human capital and infrastructure  development the better.

The wealth we seek is in Cross River State. We can generate huge revenue  by industralizing the Bekwarra groundnut, the cassava in Obubra, the plantain in Biase, Etung, Boki and other parts of the state. The salt in Okpoma is one that we must ultilize. Jobs can be created by building a salt processing factory. Our cocoa needs attention, we do not need to travel overseas to get investors for our cocoa. We can Industrialize our cocoa by getting local investors in the country to help us with the needed expertise on how we can produce our own cocoa tea.

For Cross River State to move forward, the government key into Agriculture. We have a lot beniseed. We can process our beniseed and import them. The time has come for us to cultivate large scale maize farming for the production of cereals. We can not continue to look outside when our wealth is here with us.

While I commend you for your swift response in tackling insecurity in the state. I urge you to focus more on  industralizing the state. By executing one project at a time. Or taking few projects and not trying to execute too many at once as this may be distract you and your government.

Prince Thomas Abi Jr.


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