Akeredolu advises Tinubu

Avoid Attending To Frivolities In Office — Akeredolu advises Tinubu

Avoid Attending To Frivolities In Office — Akeredolu advises Tinubu

The Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu advises Tinubu, The President Federal Republic of Nigeria to shy away from attending to frivolities as he gets ready for the work ahead.

Akeredolu’s advice is sound and timely. Nigeria is a country with a lot of problems, and the new president will need to focus on solving them if he is to be successful. He should not be distracted by trivial matters, but should instead focus on the real issues that are facing the country. He should also be a president for all Nigerians, not just for his own supporters. By working hard to unite the country and build a better future for all, he can make Nigeria a great nation once again.

Akeredolu, in a statement on Monday, said attending to frivolities might distract Tinubu’s administration, adding that now was not the time to be gloating about the electoral victories recorded during the general elections.

He noted that we must admonish ourselves on the need to remain focused on the socio-economic programmes for the emancipation of the people.

Akeredolu said, “It is definitely not a season for recriminations. The rhetoric, which conveys the divisive nuance of ‘we against them’ ought to have ceased with the declaration of the winners by the electoral body, INEC. This is the moment when all the new leaders must cast aside all tendencies which promote and deepen cleavages of different hues. All hands must be deployed on deck.

The task ahead is so enormous than to warrant attending to frivolities capable of distracting the new administration. There must be conscious attempts to bring on board only those with proven capacity with regard to expertise. The President must ensure that all those who are bent on setting Nigerians on one another are neutralized.

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