Australian evangelist faces long jail sentence in North Korea


According to the News Agency of Nigeria, an Australian missionary arrested in North Korea for distributing Christian pamphlets could face long jail sentence.

It was reported that John Short, 75, travelled to North Korea from his home in Hong Kong with fellow missionary Wang Chong.

The travel agency that booked the trip said Short, who had Korean-language Christian pamphlets with him, admitted to North Korean officials that tourism was not the sole reason for his journey.

Report had it that Chong with whom he made the trip was allowed to leave but Short was being held in Pyongyang by the authority and to be charged to court very soon.

Every form Christian evangelism is illegal in North Korea.

Previously, one Korean-born American evangelist Kenneth Bae was sentenced to 15 years with hard labour for plotting to overthrow the regime. This underscores the illegality of evangelism in the country.


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