Atiku’s Choice Of VP: Peter Obi As A Motivational Metaphor


Without doubt, the argument bysome political leaders of the PDP
Southeast zone that the party’s presidentialflag bearer, Atiku
Abubarkar could not have picked a running mate from amongstthem
without their knowledge especially when he had bargained with them for
theslot, is understandable and should be appreciated as adding to
strengthen ourdemocratic experiment especially in this era of “me
too.” This is more so whenthe zone has its own calculations on how to
take a shot at the presidency whenthe position rotates back to the

Those who know wouldagree that if Peter Obi’s kinsmen (some of their
political leaders) did notkick in their usual characteristic manner,
Obi’s credentials and suitabilityfor the office would have become
outrightly suspect. I speak as nwa-afor Igbo!

Ohanaeze NdigboYouth Council aptly captured the picture when the group
in its statement inAbakiliki stated that the insinuation that the
Southeast is divided on Obi’schoice as Atiku’s running mate is untrue
and a deliberate mischief by enemiesof the zone to create rancour
where there is none.

Despite thefeigned furore which was at best an understandable
political gimmick, Atikudeserves praise for making this tough choice
among contending sectional interests.Those who know would agree that
this was a deft move to address to some extent,issues of equity and

Like him or hate him, Peter Obiis an enigma. Apartfrom the way he
managed Anambra State economically for eight years; Obi hasfrugality,
global world view, vast experience in economic
management,acceptability across board and limited political baggage.
Above all, he isstill a young man relatively speaking.

No doubt, Atiku andObi will make a great team that will be able to
steer our nation back on thepath of progress, economic prosperity and
unity. They are both successfulbusiness men, they both understand the
benefits of industrialization and mostimportantly, they are both
employers of labour. What more can Nigerians ask forif not employment?
Obi and Atiku joint ticket will be a veritable asset in ourquest to
get Nigeria working again.

As explained byAtiku himself, Peter Obi’s choice as a running mate
“was largely influenced byhis youthfulness, vast knowledge of global
and local economics as well as beinga financial expert, all experience
which Nigeria is in great need of at thispoint in time.”

Like Atiku, Obiis a successful businessman and wealth creator. His
wealth of experience in thefinancial sector, governance and human
capital development would be of immensebenefit to the government.
Also, Obi’s rich experience in the private andpublic sectors will help
him manage the nation’s economy as the Chairman of theNational
Economic Council (NEC).

The bankingsector, which is the mainstay of the nation’s economy, will
have a new lease oflife with Obi in charge of NEC.

As said by Atiku, “In every othersector, such as education, health,
security and infrastructure, Obi as governorleft tangible and
verifiable worthy legacies in Anambra state. Developmentpartners such
as the World Bank, the European Union, the United NationsDevelopment
Programme and UNICEF, adjudged the state as one of the best
indevelopment partnership and commitment to reforms for good
governance underhim.”

It is on recordthat at a time many other governors were leaving huge
debts, Obi left theequivalent of US $500 million in investment as well
as local and foreigncurrency, including $156 million in
dollar-denominated bonds. So he understandsthe dynamics of the
economy. He has an impressive track record of tangibleachievements
both in governance and in his private sector life.

Few Nigerianscan dispute the fact that Obi has proven himself to be a
man of vision,mission, focus, compassion, piety and integrity,
attributes needed to turnaround the pathetic state of the nation’s

Does anybodydisputes that Peter Obi has a reputation for frugality and
good economicmanagement, as shown in his deployment of the scarce
resources of Anambra Stateduring his eight years as governor to
achieve milestones that were acknowledgedeven by international
development agencies? His track record shows that he is athinker who
can deploy ideas to change the value frame of his people so theycan
achieve longer sustainable values.

As a businessmanwho has nurtured business from a small level, and ran
government as it shouldbe run by putting the necessary structures in
place, and entrenching decencyand transparency in governance, Obi no
doubt will be an added advantage to ourgovernment. What else are we
looking for as good qualities for someone that isto head the National
Economic Council?

This ticket willbe able to steer our nation back on the path of
progress, economic prosperityand unity. Peter isa great choice. He
brings his business intelligence into governance. He is notcorrupt and
as a governor, he was not wasteful.

Southeast regionhad long deserved a better and higher role in the
administration of thiscountry. Obi himself has proven to be competent
judging from his performance asgovernor.

His choice asrunning mate normally would be the right thing to do.
There could not have beena fairer running mate than Obi, from the
Southeast. Obi is simply good as Obi;end of discussion! This is my view!

(IFEANYI IZEZE:;234-8033043009)


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