Aso Villa disgrace: Nollywood actress, Susan Peters rains curses on her traducers: “May thunder of God strike you down and your gadgets in Jesus name”


Barely three weeks after the widely criticized disgracefully day-out of the babyish Nollywood Actress, Susan Peters where she was reportedly driven into frenzy by the ecstasy of finding herself at the presidential villa, a highly classified environ where she never in her widest imagination taught of stepping into, Susan has thrown caution in the wind as she frontally took on her traducers in a very blunt, sarcastic and loud mouthed manner unleashing venoms and curses on them through her twitter.

Her words: “Those monitoring spirits, who specialise in scanning my life, may thunder of God strike you down and your gadgets in Jesus name.”

Susan, apart from being accused by her colleagues of talking unsparingly and flaunting herself during the progrmme which she was undesirably ferried to by lady Boss, was also said to have made an embarrassing move towards reaching forth to her state Governor who was also an attendee of the event, save the prompt and apt intervention of the Governor’s aids.

The height of crime charges leveled against the actress during the Aso villa frenzy was her dragging of a fat envelop purportedly issued to Oge okoye, another actress who later went to meet the same governor with Peters during the programme.  



  1. Nollywood actors and actresses are gradually becoming beggars, soliciting for attention and pocket anionting…. Allow your popularity earn you fame and riches, dont go begging for it.

  2. Actress Susan Peters, you really need to save ur name and person… it is a shame acting in the way u were alleged to have acted in the public.

  3. Unleashing venoms and curses on people who accused you is not enough, what is important is restoring your integrity by displaying what is called maturity.


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