In House Gist 1. 1

The reason the world is confused as to who to follow (Jesus or others) is that there are way to many ‘Christians’ with personality disorder. People cannot reconcile what we profess with how we live. Our very lives contradict the words in our mouths. We preach love but our lifestyles define hatred. we talk about kindness but cruelty is what we are known for. We sing Don Moen but our life is resonating Tupac and Rihanna. “Holy Holy” in our mouths, “kukere” in our lifestyles. Thus, we have become so ineffective in soul winning. Profaning the name of the Lord among the heathens. Truth be told, many of us are the reason why our close friends are not in Christ.

The problem is that a handful of us are in Christ for the wrong reasons. Perhaps, it should be proper to ask, why you are a Christian? why did you come to Christ and what is keeping you in Christ? is it because Christianity is now trendy? is it for selfish reasons or for fear of hell?
Love for God must be our drive!

But the major issue is that emphasis is now being laid on Gifts of the spirit than on the fruit of the spirit. So what we get is a Christian who speaks in tongue but lacks character/attitudes. we are quick in grabbing the gifts of the spirit and don’t give a damn about the giver of the gift. This fruit is a product of a fervent ongoing relationship with the Holy spirit which is what the world is looking for. Men are looking for people that truly loves. Jesus said by this shall men know you are my disciples when you love one another. one life that reveals Christ is better than a thousand that preach Him. We stand at risk of going to hell if we lack one of the fruit. It is that serious.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is: love, joy, peace, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faith,meekness, self-control; against such things there is no law” Gal. 5:22

Father, according to your word, conform us to the image of your son Jesus. Lead us into deeper waters, into deeper fellowship with your spirit in Jesus Name.


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