Arrogance: Movie Producers, Directors plan to shut Tonto out of limelight


Indications are that Tonto Dike’s stardom in the Nollywood industry has run into murky waters, following her alleged insolence to movie producers, Directors and other stakeholders in the industry.

The Rivers- born actress and singer is believed to have an unfettered penchant for stirring controversies at will. Her critics say she chews and digests controversies; hence she was christened “mother of controversies.”

The last straw that broke the Carmel’s back was her latest unguarded verbiage targeted at an aged Make-up artist, who was billed to doll-up Tonto’s dressing kit at a certain movie location in Asaba, Delta state.

Tonto Dike, who is described as the leading character in the movie, which was being shot at Asaba, was quoted to have, upon arrival to the scene, swooped on the aged make-up artist, raining abusive and vituperative words such as: “Are you stupid, don’t you know what you are supposed to do? Must I remind you before you’ll know you are supposed to make me up” on the artist.

It was at this instance that the visibly enraged movie director, who pleaded anonymity, let the hell loose on her: “Tonto Dikeh is such a rot and lacks every bit of home training – apologies to her parents.

‘I tried to control myself in order not to disrupt the set, but I got upset over the kind of insult, Tonto heaped on the makeup artiste on the set- a woman who is old enough to be her mother”.

The situation was later brought under control by the movie producer, whose intervention immediately brought the rowdy atmosphere to a halt.

Meanwhile, reports reaching us have it that top movie producers and directors have teamed up to teach Tonto Dikeh a lesson due to her uncultured and provocative attitude towards directors, producers and her fellow actors and actresses. According to them: “that little brat, apart from her addictions to marijuana and cigarette, doesn’t give a damn about whose ox is gored, she abuses, throw tantrums and fights on set at every slightest provocation and we must make sure she’s humiliated. She seems to have gathered so much weight and has hurriedly forgotten those days when she used to go on bended knees for a ‘waka pass’ role in movies. We’ll teach her a lesson’, they vowed.

Tonto is also said to have an axe to grind with the following actors and actresses : Mercy Johnson, Mamma Gee, Genevieve, Nonso Diobi, Nuella Njubigbo and Monalisa Chinda, all of whom are producers’ of top movies in top demand.



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