Architecture and Poetry are both forms of art – The Red Cap Poet.


Rudolph, who is also known as Ruddapoet, a talented poet and architect, discusses his art and speaks on how it has affected his lifestyle.

Tell us about yourself

Well, my name is Rudolph Adidi, I’m also known as Ruddapoet (The Red Cap Poet or Chief) whichever suites you, I am also an architect by profession and a first born from Shendam local government of Plateau State who is scared of cockroaches.

Tell us about your typical day.

Hmmm, a typical day, how does it look like? Okay so the morning starts for me with a short phone call with my creator, then I use an hour or less to have some exercises (push-ups, sit ups, bench press) nothing serious entirely. Then the day’s activity begins after a bath and breakfast. If the table has me visiting the construction site which I often do these days, then I shouldn’t bore you with those tales, until in between where I write a poem on any subject of not less than 15-20 lines. I come home and try to open a page or two of any book my heart desires before I call it a day.

How do you manage being a poet and an architect?

How I manage, let’s see… the art of poetry entails reading and writing for me and we all know what architecture could look like on some days. I am used to writing daily which has become a habit for me therefore managing a little time to knit words on a page and Architecture draws its inspiration from what I expose my mind to. I will say it is pretty easy for me since they’re both forms of arts.

If you were to choose poetry or architecture which would you pick?

Is there ever an option like that? Both of them allow me express myself in different ways (you could tell an architect by his type of buildings). I really can’t choose any above another; it’s like telling me to pick my favorite child.

 How do you get inspiration to write?

World talks to us in different ways, mine comes from all of it, from the crawling ant to the moving clouds.

Who is your role model?

I don’t have a role model you can point and say he’s the one or she’s the one, whatever or whoever I come across and I seem to admire could be a model to emulate. From My father to Bruce Lee, to Saul Williams to Joyce Meyer to Cristiano Ronaldo to Pele to Gandhi the list can go on and on. As of this moment my Role Model is Fred Quimby (the creator of Tom and Jerry).

What is the best part of your job/ what you do?

Okay, I can answer this in two ways now, for Architecture the best part is when the idea is materialized into an existing structure. Touching it alone makes it feel real.

For poetry, exploring and understanding a poetic form thrills me a lot, it sometimes makes me create my own poetic forms.

What do you think about when you are alone in your car or in your room?

I think of how I can make my art different, unique, it dawns on me every time ‘how do you sell ice to an Eskimo?’ It’s always on my mind

What best describes your work ethics/personality?

My ethics I will say the conscious art of listening and performing (my voice defines my personality as one who is smart) I don’t know if I am though.

What keeps you going?

My parents, their support, if put into words it could become a Bible with so many books and chapters. They keep me going every day; I can’t give up on those people.

How has your work affected your lifestyle?

Trust me it has, I dare not walk the streets without a red cap, sometimes even on site. Someone always asks ‘Where is the cap?’ On some days, you want to go to a diner and sit alone or a bar and have some drinks and fans walk up to you to recite a poem or asks you for a new one about them. It’s crazy what art can do.

Pick your celebrity parents?

Hahahahha… okay Celebrity Parents I will say Will Smith and Jennifer Hudson (Sorry Jada Pinkett) if I’m allowed to marry them. So much about those people

What is your favourite food or gadget?

Favorite food is any type of rice. I can sacrifice my left arm for rice. Rice can wake me from Snow White’s slumber. Hahahaha

 What is your next project?

Next project is a lot, I can’t point to which direction but I’m considering publishing a collection of some of my written poems at the same time dropping another spoken word album

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