Appraising The State Of Infrastructures In Jikwoyi

JIKWOYI is a densely populated suburb situated a few kilometers away from Abuja City centre. It’s partitioned into four quarters namely; Phases One, Two, Three and Four. It’s mostly occupied by the middle class and littered with people from different tribes. However, indigenes have the highest percentage.

A crane overview of the community portrays a vivid picture of an environment clustered with houses. This clustering which has birthed several environmental unwholesome and unhealthy developments, is because there are no proper housing plans. Apparently, residents build houses without any consideration of environmental hygiene and preservation because there are no bodies to regulate housing plans. The resulting effects of this clustering include poor drainage system. When it rains heavily, the water escapes the system and inundate the streets. Residents of Phase One are the major victims of the poor drainage. Some residents cannot access their houses when it rains heavily – resulting into flood. Also, the clustering does not give room for afforestation which serves as environment beautifier as well as oxygen suppliant. The improper housing plans have also culminated into poor waste management – a development that has forced different groups to sensitize the residents on clean environment and proper waste management.

Residents of Jikwoyi have accessible roads. However, like many roads in Nigeria, they are littered with potholes. The roads are one-way drive. They poise more dangers to road accidents especially at rush hours because of their narrow nature. The major road linking the community to the heart of the Federal Capital Territory, though two-way is not devoid of potholes. There are some spots on the road which motorists have to meticulously swerve to avoid accidents.

The suburb has access to electricity. It is part of the percentage in Nigeria that can attest to reasonable power supply in a day. Jikwoyi residents enjoy an average of 15hours of light in a day. However, there are instances where they abruptly go days without having light.

The community does not have a functional waterboard system. The residents’ sources of water are mainly borehole and well. These sources are dug by individuals. Access to water is a challenge to the community especially during dry season.

Relevant authorities need to exert concerted efforts to checkmate the loopholes in the community. The suburb has the potentials, if harnessed to be an enviable glittering Town. Given its strategic spot, if there are proper housing plans, functional waterboard system, standard roads and improved electricity supply, Jikwoyi has the capacity to stand its counterpart across the country.

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