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Nigeria is a source, transit, and destination country for women and children subjected to trafficking in persons including forced labor and forced prostitution. Trafficked Nigerian women and children are recruited from rural areas within the country’s borders − women and girls for involuntary domestic servitude and sexual exploitation, and boys for forced labor in street vending, domestic servitude, mining, and begging. Human trafficking has become widespread and now occupied a preeminent position among the ills that pervade the Nigeria society.

This trade in human beings affects more of Nigerian young people between the ages of 6 and 30. While human trafficking is increasing, more organizations need to extend their activities to fighting human trafficking. Young people also need to participate in eradicating this crime.

Devatop Centre for Africa Development (DCAD) is a leading youth-based anti-human trafficking organization in Nigeria, situated at Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, and making impact in different states. The organization which was founded by Joseph Osuigwe during his National Youth Service, has been committed to training, empowering and engaging young people to combating human trafficking and other human rights abuses in Nigeria.

Since 2013,  DCAD has trained 5030 young people and sensitized over 400, 000 citizens through community awareness and media campaign. The organization is making Nigerians, especially young people to understand that it is their responsibility to combat human trafficking.

In 2015, DCAD realized that there is an urgent need to train, equip and empower people to take strategic action against this monstrous crime, and decided to carry out a pilot project on The Academy for Prevention of Human Trafficking and Other Related Matters (TAPHOM) and a research on Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy Training as a Tool for Equipping Young People for Advocacy and Social Action  in Nigeria. One hundred and twenty young people (aged 17 to 40) from six states in Nigeria were selected through online and offline registration to participate in the training. Participants were equipped with advocacy skills, toolkits and information materials.
Results from the evaluation showed that 95 percent of the participants engaged in strategic anti-human trafficking advocacy and social action through the following approaches: media campaign, community sensitization, school awareness, radio talk, publication of articles, etc. Few participants reported incidences of human trafficking or the identification of victims. Through the training, participants developed a sense of responsibility to combating human trafficking.

In 2016, DCAD helped to rescue Amina Saliu, a 17 year old girl who was abducted from Abuja to Kano for forced marriage.

DCAD has partnered with National Agency for Prohibition of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP), National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes (UNODC), African Centre for Media and Information Literacy (AFRICMIL) and other government agencies and non-governmental organizations to carryout projects related to human rights protection and promotion.

In an interview with the founder, Mr. Joseph Osuigwe, he stated,  “DCAD has plans of getting grant to  establish or do the 2nd phase of The Academy for Prevention of Human Trafficking and Other Related Matters (TAPHOM), which will be the first of its kind in Nigeria. The academy will focus on training, research, ICT/Media, publication, and empowerment. There is also plan to develop a mobile application that can  easily be used to observe, report and track incidences of human rights abuses in Nigeria. One of our 5 strategic plans is that each 774 local government in Nigeria will have at least 10 trained anti-human trafficking advocates who will be observing, reporting and tracking incidences of human trafficking. We will galvanize young people to build a Nigeria without human trafficking”.


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  1. Am Rex Bamidele, I just sent a mail to you concerning a case of suspected human traffickers involving one miss Nerry pius, who was taken to Ivory Coast based on going for a legal job but call home for help.


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