Anita Brown Apologizes to Chioma

Anita Brown Congratulates Davido and Chioma

Davido’s wife Chioma has finally received an apology from Anita Brown, the suspected side woman in America who is pregnant for Davido, Chioma’s husband.

Anita Brown gained attention once more after she posted a picture of a pregnant woman in the hospital receiving an ultrasound to determine the condition of her unborn child.

“My Special Child”, Anita Brown wrote as she posted the picture on social media. However, a social media user found a similar photo that she had downloaded from the internet and exposed her.

Anita Brown apologized in a recent post that was seen on her page for having disparaged Chioma and her late son Ifeanyi in an earlier Instagram post.

She added that she worries about her life’s current conditions and that she wants to be remembered for spreading love and light.

Anita apologized after writing on social media that Davido had caused her to become pregnant and that he was refusing to take parental responsibility for the child. She also provided screenshots of texts she and Davido allegedly exchanged.

This is a good step in finding peace, and spreading love.

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