Does the PDP ever learn from olden times? Does the Political Party comprehend anything overtly or covertly connected to Boko Haram is explicitly nailed and buried in this nation? Does the PDP discern how Nigerians rebuff and spurn Boko Haram and its atoms? Or is the PDP on a study voyage aimed at determining the depth of detestation Nigerians have for Boko Haram and its strategic onslaughts against them?

Otherwise, how can the PDP close it eyes to chief Ali Modu Sheriff’s plethora of baggage and appoint him national chairman? How can the main opposition Party choose to throw spanners in its own work and progress? Can a man serve as a cog in his own wheel, when he should be preoccupied with reconstructing, rehabilitating and rebranding himself after a poor outing during last elections?

Who actually is the real enemy of PDP? And who truly wants the PDP dead? Is the PDP not Balkanizing itself by sheriff’s appointment as its chairman? How can the Party foist on itself a leader with an albatross of Boko Haram allegations on its neck at this point of its intense warfare and scuffle with the APC? In whose interest did Modu become PDP chair, and who is the unseen hand behind Chief Ali’s appearance as PDP oval boss?

Isn’t it funny to recall the PDP was the first to designate sheriff (then in ANPP) a Boko Haram patron when in 2011 president Goodluck Jonathan, who was made to suffer the brunt of the rampaging sect, launched an inquiry into the cause of the Islamic sect’s ferocious activities as was recommended by the Ambassador Galtimari Usman-led panel of inquiry?

Or has the PDP forgotten Rev. Stephen Davies, the Australian born international negotiator, who was hired by the same PDP led government to make contacts with Boko Haram in other to secure the release of chibok girls? Did the PDP forget Davies told the world Boko Haram commanders told him Ali Modu Sheriff was one of the sponsors of Boko Haram?

Who was not here when Borno elders, led by Baba I. Bashiru in their unanimous judgement pointed accusing fingers on the former governor and BOT chairman of ANPP as the major sponsor of Boko Haram? Or was it not few years back Buji Foi, a member of Boko Haram was appointed commissioner of Religious affairs under sheriff’s administration as governor?

What other proofs does the PDP want before it could do the needful and make its decisions aright on Ali Modu Sheriff? Or Is the PDP waiting for the international criminal court (ICC) to nail Modu before it could know how hefty the claims against him are? But the PDP ought to have known the public court, more powerful and dominant than the law courts has since adjudicated and imprisoned sheriff long before now.

How can the PDP throw caution in the wind and appoint Sheriff its chairman with little or no fear of implosion and dejection? What advantage does the party intend making from hiring a character, already assassinated in public courts as its symbol of leadership? What moral sanctity does the party intend to showcase to the world in this outing of shame and recklessness? Who actually suggested, dragged Modu out of his cocoon and landed him in this public court?

How did sheriff himself accept being paraded as the PDP chair without saying to the stakeholders, please excuse me in this discussion? Or does sheriff think accusations against him in relation to Boko haram have died a natural death since nobody was talking about it again for years now? How did the PDP stake holders too, arrive at Ali Modu sheriff as their chair without any of them asking, ‘Ali Modu who?’

But how can the PDP scorn and treat with levity the PDP BOT members, a fraction of the PDP state chairmen, and a good number of the PDP ministers Forum who upon the realization Ali Modu sheriff had been anointed and positioned to take over the mantle of leadership of the party by a section of the party’s hierarchy staged a work- out during the Party’s meeting?

Does the PDP think the opinions of the aggrieved persons who staged a work-out during its meeting can be treated with utter negligence without grave implications? Has the PDP forgotten that the prize of playing games with ones friends is, ‘you could win the game along the line, but it is certain you will lose the friend forever’?

Does the PDP intend fighting more wars with its own rank and file following their discontentment over the choice of Ali Modu sheriff as their chair? Wouldn’t the war within be too handy for the PDP to handgrip knowing it already has a handful coming from the ruling APC and other sundry issues arising from its handling of the nation’s resources during the party’s hey days as the ruling party?

Or has the PDP forgotten Ali modu sheriff has a pending financial issues running into 300 billions of naira with the EFCC, which unavoidably could be exhumed any day for its clarifications?  How can the PDP choose to become its own problems at this time of its reflections and repositioning, a time when the PDP should only be the master-strategist in the political game of the nation? Or is it not more convenient for the PDP to choose a man of impeccable quality and save itself from this unnecessary wrangling and baggage?

I am just thinking.

Gwiyi Solomon writes from Abuja



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