A Holistic Review of the Black Panther Movie


Wakanda Forever, the black panther movie has first of all changed the narrative about the Hollywood Industry. It has shown us that indeed Sci-FI cinematography can be used to tell the African story in the context of her civilization. The Europeans and the Americans have told their story via Sci-Fi, why not Africa? Nothing says that Sci-fi characterization should be Caucasian only.

The black panther movie again aimed at buttressing on the need for more Afrocentric narrative and settings to our movies. It tells the African story with a view of celebrating her culture, history, religion, literature, fashion and graphics. It tells a story of the beauty of Africa , its leadership, communal living , family and civilization.

But most importantly it tells a story of taking pride in who we are. A people of rich cultural heritage, human and mineral resources and also intellectual capabilities. It tells a story of what Africa can be without the influence of foreign countries. It says that Africans have the ability to harness their resources to build a nation that takes pride in its originality and essence. It encapsulates the beauty of authenticity, expressed with color, candor and grace.

Nsibidi, the great writing system of African(Igbo)heritage, was used to express the true meaning of all things African and to show us that the extinction of such a beautiful graphical communication was indeed our bane. Russians and the Chinese to mention a few, have their writing system in use today, why not Africa? The Europeans stole a lot of our cultural artifacts, with the help of greedy Africans by the way,  and which is of great value, showcasing them in glasses for us to admire n their land, of which they take pride in instead of us.

This goes to show that eurocentrism has fast eroded the true beauty of what it means to be African amongst Africans. Like one of the characters, the villain, who portrayed the dangers of adopting foreign values in totality so much that it makes one antagonistic towards their own culture and core values. The villain as a child was not taken with his uncles to his land, so as to adopt and understand his culture such that even though he was biracial and resident in a foreign land, it wouldn’t make him oblivious of who he truly is , a black panther , a black African.

The impact of eurocentrism is felt in Nigeria today as well where people readily insult their country with reckless abandon and claim to be doing so because of the bad leadership therein . But wakanda was in a mess, ruled by an evil leader who wanted to go to war with other nations in a quest for more power and dominion at the risk of hampering the progress it had made so far but when the other tribes came to their rescue in oneness, they were quick to shut down the white man who dared to describe wakanda in a derogatory manner. That is true “Africaness” and the love for country.

Home is the best . No where is better than home.

Katchy Ohiaeri 2018
Katchy is a social critic who resides in the Federal Capital Territory.


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