A Good Husband Will Do These 37 Things Without Being Asked


Chivalry isn’t dead! because some men arent romantic doesn’t mean you cant be as a man, or your husband cant be. Dear boy friendto-become hubby-soonest, i hope you read this.

1. Wait until you get home to eat, so you can have dinner together.

2. Make the bed when he gets up after you do.

3. Delete his ex’s number from his phone, out of respect for you and your relationship.

4. Compliment you on your new haircut, because he actually noticed the change.

5. Take you out for a nice dinner during special occasions (or for no occasion at all).

6. Hand you his jacket when you’re shivering.

7. Go down on you.


8. Do the dishes when they’re piled up in the sink.

9. Wait until you get home to watch the latest episode of Shameless, because he’d rather watch it together.

10. Text you to make sure you got home safe.

11. Offer to drive whenever you go out on dates.

12. Send you good morning and good night texts.

13. Put the seat down after peeing.

14. Make you breakfast on a random day, just because he loves you.

15. Pick up tampons when your last box runs out.

16. Make you dinner (or at least pick up Chinese) when he knows you’re not in the mood to cook.

17. Wash his beard trimmings out of the sink.

18. Hold your hand whenever you go out in public together.

19. Put on the show he knows you secretly want to watch.

20. Take candid pictures of you, because he wants as many as he can fit in his phone.

21. Buy presents for your parents on their birthdays.

22. Tell you all about his day, before you even have the opportunity to ask.

23. Share his blanket with you.

24. Ask you about your day every single day.

25. Cuddle with you before you fall asleep.

26. Help you walk when you’re stumbling.

culled from:http://www.informationng.com/2016/10/chivalry-good-husband-will-37-things-without-asked.ht


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