8 Arrested with 11 human skulls, bones in Kwara

Eight vicious and notorious suspects alleged to be responsible for
kidnapping, murder, ritual killings, exhuming dead bodies from buried,
removing and trading in human skull and other human body parts in
Ilorin, Kwara state have been arrested.
A Police Joint Investigation Team carried out a search on the house of
one Azeez Yakub of No. 20 Ile Opa Adeta Compound, Ilorin, during which
11 Human Skulls, some pieces of human bones, human hairs, and powder suspected to be grinded human bones and charms were recovered in the house.
Further investigations by the Special Team of the Inspector General of
Police (IGP) Monitoring Unit led to the arrest of seven other suspects,
Azeez Yakub, Abdulrasaq Babamale, Aishat Yunisa, Lukman Saka, Ahmed
Yahaya, Abdulfatai Kadri a.k.a Adedoyin – Vigilante Commander, Adeta
Zone, Ilorin, Soliu Ayinde a.k.a Baba Fawasi, Abdulganiyu Bamidele.
The suspects were alleged to have been involved in kidnapping, murder,
ritual killings, exhuming of dead bodies from where buried in the
community, removing their vital body parts such as the skull, genital
organs, eyes, human hair, certain body bones and sell to prominent
personalities in the country for rituals and spiritual powers.
During their parade, the suspects were said to have confessed and
admitted to selling 31 human heads to some personalities in Ilorin and
other towns in Kwara State and other contiguous states to Kwara State.
Azeez Yakub a.k.a Baba Muri (Principal Suspect) who is a notorious armed robber and have been arrested, charged to court and convicted to prison severally, confessed and admitted that one Abdulfatai Kadri a.k.a
(Adedoyin), the vigilante commander in Adeta Zone, introduced him to the business and also supplies the human skulls and other body parts for him to sell.
Yakub confessed that Abdulfatai Kadri has brought to him 20 human skulls that he exhumed from the Ilorin Community Central Burial ground situated after idl-praying ground in Ilorin, Kwara State.
He further admitted that Kadri usually brings in the human heads to him
in batches of four, six, eight for safe keeping and usually collect them
within a day or two, and also informed him of the personalities in
Ilorin and other  places he usually supply the heads to.
Abdulrasaq Babamole was equally mentioned by Yakub to have bought one human skull from him, powder suspected to be pounded human bones was recovered in his possession, while he also confessed to the crime admitting his criminal role.
Aishat Yunisa a.k.a Iya Alagbo was said to be a member of the gang who
deals in selling of human body parts.
During interrogation, she confessed and admitted to have supplied two
human skulls she obtained from Yakub to one Ahmed Yahaya and Lukman Saka Yahaya and Saka confessed to have bought two human skulls from the principal suspect through Aishat Yunusa, grinded for their usage and

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