Hi, my name is James, I work and live in Abuja, I have a serious issue that I am struggling to deal with at the moment. There is this lady that I met during my school days in one of the tertiary institutions in the North about 7 years ago.

Unfortunately, when she was to resume her academic activities at her institution of choice, her foster parents moved her to Taraba state with her aunt, making it very difficult for us to see and relate as it should be.

We both love ourselves so much, but because she is an orphan, her foster parents have continued to make it difficult for us to meet or even see for more that a year now, and she is saying they will never release her until she is done with he studies, she still has two more years to go, and I need to settle down.

I am really loosing hope on her; I do not know what to do.

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  1. Its better you just try and hold on for her, try to keep in contact with her if you are sure you love her unless you have another lady in mind to get married to.


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