7 Reasons Why Women Leave Men They Love


It’s strange when women walk out of relationships in which they claim to love the men.

It’s really confusing; how could you claim to love someone and then walk out on them? How easy is it leaving someone your heart finds happiness in? On the women’s part, it’s a pretty tough decision they struggle to make. They bear the burden of initiating that move forever. Many women walk out of marriages, some leave their children and homes behind.

Below are some of the reasons women leave the men they love

1. No Attention

Women can’t put up with having absentee men in their lives. A man who is hardly home, working all the meaningful hours of the day off, watching TV, playing games and doing things that doesn’t involve the woman’s active participation may be walked out on. His endless list of activities give the woman the impression those things are more important than her. Neglect doesn’t go well with women generally. Women leave when they notice the men are starting to take them for granted.

2. Domestic Violence

Some women are unlucky; they seem to fall for the wrong guys at all times. Women who have suffered domestic often make excuses for these men and find reasons to stay despite the abuse. Through the help of counseling, some women are being liberated and are starting to discover themselves and live life to the fullest. Hence, women leave men they love if they are wild and abusive.

3. Boredom

Some women leave men they love simply because their presence doesn’t make them feel alive. They find themselves lonely even when these men are around them. This means they no longer find happiness in those men. They start to feel miserable and depressed. They opt out of the relationship before they lose themselves.

4. No Passionate Love Making

No matter the emotions involved, most women cannot stand being with men who are incapable of unscrewing all the nuts in their bodies. Women want men who would do pleasurable things to them, dump them in the ocean of passion and leave them asking for more. Sex is important to women; it keeps them connected to the men. When men can’t satisfy the sexual urges of the women, the women come up with various reasons to leave them.

5. Being Cheated On

Some women leave the men they love when they discover they are being cheated on. Sharing men isn’t something that is alluring to most women. At that moment they start to feel the love is one sided and they would never be appreciated. They see no reason to stay in that relationship regardless of the love they have for the men. Instead of doing something stupid or wallowing in sadness, they muster all the strength they could and leave men like that.

6. Friends’ Opinions

Same way women share the happy moments of their relationships with friends, they also share their discontentment when the men in their lives display irrational behaviors. Their friends in turn relate other people’s experiences and lend them the support they need to move in and leave men like that.

7. Guilt

Some women leave men they love simply because they are filled with guilt; they could have cheated or have secrets of infidelity they can’t afford to get exposed. Staying in the relationship could put them at risk of being humiliated. Therefore, they leave the relationship with their heads held high while they could. They walk out of the men they love before the truth gets out.

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